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Barn and Stable Misc

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Manufacturer: WoodyPet (View all products by Woody Pet)

Model: Bedding (View all Bedding reviews)

Category: Barn and Stable Misc

Purchase: After using straw for 5 years, my local 4H switched to WoodyPet to save money. Individual bags are about $5, but cheaper if you buy in bulk.

Likes: I really love this product! It is extremely absorbent, and VERY easy to sift through the average fork.

Dislikes: Unfortunately, after 6 months, my 4H switched to shavings from a local lumber mill. Unless everyone working in the barn knows how to use WoodyPet, you'll end up wasting money. Some people were throwing out too much, so it got to be expensive, but if you're doing all the mucking yourself (or with responsible adults) you'll save tons of money.

Quality: The wood pellets absorb 6 times their mass and puff up into soft sawdust (without the actual dust). Wet spots are simply stirred in, and they don't smell at all. After stirring, the wet parts dry very quickly. When the WoodyPet can't absorb any more urine, it turns bright red. I didn't actually believe this, but after a MONTH of mucking, I finally saw a very small bright red patch, which I threw out. WoodyPet is that absorbent! You only need to add a bag every two weeks, depending on how deep you like it. When mucked right, you'll only be throwing out pure manure, no wood pellets.

Summary: When I have my own barn, I will definitely be using WoodyPet!! It takes about 5 minutes (no exaggeration) to muck a completely dirty stall!! You can save so much money and time if you use this right. It also cuts down manure storage, because you're not throwing out buckets of shavings and straw. And with WoodyPet, your stall will not smell at all!

Rating: 5


Date: 2005-06-20

Usefulness Rating: 2.28571 out of 5.
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