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Saddlesmith (Action Company)
Dick Pieper Basketweave Reiner
Reining Saddles

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Manufacturer: Saddlesmith (Action Company) (View all products by SaddleSmith)

Model: Dick Pieper Basketweave Reiner (View all Dick Pieper Basketweave Reiner reviews)

Category: Reining Saddles

Purchase: I purchased this saddle over 10 yrs ago at a local tack shop. Retail price on it there during a sale was around $1200. I bought it because I had previously used a Dick Pieper show reiner of someone elses, loved it so much that I wanted this saddle. I later bought the Show Reiner I was using also (Then bought Show Reiner I used from someone getting out of the horse business that wanted rid of everything. Paid $400 for it in well used but still very good condition. Used it for probably 6-7 more years. Hard use on many horses. Sold only because I was cutting back. Sold for $700 on internet. Kick myself still today that I sold it!!)

Likes: I like the look of the Dick Pieper saddles. .I use the saddle for everyday use. I have team penned with it. I show local shows in pleasure with it. Great all around type saddle. Comfortable to ride in. Puts me in a good position on the horse for whatever I use it for.

Dislikes: There isn't anything off hand that I can put down about this saddle. Maybe if I could change anything it would be the seat material.

Quality: Overall leather quality is very good. Manufactured very well. Seems to fit most horses well. I have had 2 horses out of many many many horses, that I had this saddle on, that it did seem to pinch. Padded appropriately and it was fine. Quality saddle for what you will pay for them on average. Leather has held up well for me, although I am not one to take good care of the leather on my saddles. I have had horses roll on, flip over on and bang around these saddles and they have held up.

Summary: I would definitely recommend this saddle to someone getting started in reining or just wanting a nice all around type saddle. Not too fancy but nice looking enough to show in. I have several people that have used my Dick Pieper reiner and really liked and have looked to purchase a used one. Cant seem to find them very often, seems everyone that gets them wants to keep them. At least once a year I probably get someone who wants to buy my Dick Pieper Basketweave Reiner saddle. Sorry, It wont be for sale!

Rating: 5

Author: Traci Hanna Yoder

Date: 2009-11-25

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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