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Sugar River Western Saddles and Horse Tack
Sugar River Barrel Rough-Out SR-B5
Barrel Saddles

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Manufacturer: Sugar River Western Saddles and Horse Tack (View all products by Sugar River Western Saddles and Horse Tack)

Model: Sugar River Barrel Rough-Out SR-B5 (View all Sugar River Barrel Rough-Out SR-B5 reviews)

Category: Barrel Saddles

Purchase: I have a great barrel horse, at least now I do. When I first purchased her she just wouldn't go into the turn like she should which was adding seconds to our time. A friend of my Dad's was watching me one day a said it was my saddle fit, change the saddle and my time would improve. So I started my search for the best fitting saddle I could find. I discovered bare tree saddle fitting, where you fit the tree to your horse before you build the saddle. This way I could see the fit myself. I had to put a deposit down on the tree which all but $25 was applied to the saddle. I then pretty much purchased the saddle as shown except for the stirrup adjustment. So $625 for the saddle, $25 for the tree and $35 for the change in stirrup length, shipping was free, $685.00 Total!

Likes: I discovered Sugar River Western Saddles and Tack and their bare tree saddle fitting method, where they sent me the bare tree and I sent them pictures so the experts could see what needed to be done to make the necessary adjustments. She was definitely hard to fit, even for them. They had to build her a custom tree. I had to wait a little longer to get it but they didn't charge me extra for what she needed. I'm also really short and I really like that they took 4" off the stirrup length and if a person was really tall they would add 4" to the length. Beside having a ton of options to choose from to make it truly my one of a kind saddle. It did not cost me much, I know it fits, shipping was free and materials and workmanship were all from the good old USA. I am kinda on a kick these days to support the American worker.

Dislikes: I did not like the wait. It was not long, mind you, for getting it made just for me. Normally it would have taken about 3 to 4 weeks but because my horse needed the custom tree made I had to wait 6 weeks. It was well worth the wait. No more problem with my horse and we've picked up the extra time. It has made a world of difference in her performance. I thought about selling her at one point and it was the saddle that made the difference, she was uncomfortable.

Quality: The construction was wonderful, the customer service was great. It was a process trying to make up my mind and get the best saddle for my horse plus one I really liked the looks of. I had a person to work with and questions were answered promptly. The leather was really soft, great quality as well as the hardware. Hand stitching as I was told it would be.

Summary: Bare tree saddle fitting is the only way to go. I feel like I ride with much more confidence knowing my saddle is great on my horse. She seems like she likes to ride more. I used to have trouble catching her but not anymore. I don't know if the saddle had anything to do with it but it had to help. Oh, I did get matching breast collar, rear cinch, headstall, reins and chin strap. All came in quickly, before the saddle. They too were of great quality and only made my wait for the saddle arrival more difficult.

Rating: 5

Author: Silver

Date: 2009-11-26

Usefulness Rating: 2.70588 out of 5.
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