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1525 Classic Barrel Saddle
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Manufacturer: Billy Cook (View all products by Billy Cook Saddlery)

Model: 1525 Classic Barrel Saddle (View all 1525 Classic Barrel Saddle reviews)

Category: Barrel Saddles

Purchase: Bought this saddle to use on my back-up barrel horse. It was used, paid 450 for it. New one's can be purchased for around 800 depending on the model.

Likes: For the price I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the saddle, I love it. I like the way it sits you. The 4" cantle and roughout leather makes you feel nice and secure. The fenders are flexible, so if you need to lift your leg to sqeek by a barrel, you can. Fits all my horses pretty well, adjusting the padding to each horse's build. Thin padding on my stocky built Quarter Horses (1/2" Todd Slone pad), and thicker padding for my colts(1" Todd Slone pad with a Navajo). Which is what I find to be normal adjustments for every saddle I have ever owned in the past.

Dislikes: Miner little dislikes; The thing I hate the most is the silver on the saddle, it's really yuck, but that's just looks. I also hated the stirrups. I swaped them out for a set of the aluminum one's with the english type rubber inserts. That's just my preference though. That's all.

Quality: Like I've mentioned above, the quality of this Billy Cook saddle is really nice especially for it's cost. It's a great saddle to ride in. It did take me a little while to get used to the horn. It's a lot higher than my other saddle (Marlene EFFX saddle), now that I'm using the Billy Cook all the time I don't have any problems with it anymore. The silver however is cheap, and thin. I can't get it to clean up at all. It'll be easier to just replace it.

Summary: All in all, the next NEW saddle I buy will be another Billy Cook. Try one, I think you'll like it.

Rating: 5

Author: Corey

Date: 2005-07-07

Usefulness Rating: 2.75 out of 5.
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