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Manufacturer: Frontier Saddlery
Model: Barrel Saddle
Category: Barrel Saddles

Purchase: I was looking for a rigid treed saddle that still flexed. The treeless saddles just aren't rigid enough for pulling yourself up coming out of a turn. After many saddles, I ordered a Frontier with a flex tree and fell in love them.

Likes: I am in love with these saddles. I had 'Moe' build two saddles for me and they are the best I have ridden in. And believe me, I've ridden in every saddle that has been made! These saddles fit a variety of horses and none of mine have soreness in their backs. If you are looking for quality and something handmade, this is the saddle for you. He would never let something out of his shop that was bad. He pays close attention to detail and won't let junk out. He also stands behind his saddles, which I find incredible. I found a lot of saddle makers won't stand behind their products. He was so nice to me, I made the trip to his shop and met him and his wife. I can honestly say they are the most honest and caring people. He can build you any kind of saddle, not just barrel saddles. He is truly talented and has built saddles his whole life.

Dislikes: No complaints!

Quality: Construction and quality is the best. I know that these saddles will last a lifetime. I am a part-time leather worker and the materials they use are incredible. They don't use any junk like others will.

Summary: Bottom line... if you want one of the best, find a Frontier saddle or call and order one. They can make anything you like. I am completely satisfied with both of mine and as long as I can, will not ride in anything else.

Rating: 5

Author: Kristina Murray

Date: 2010-02-09

Usefulness Rating: 4.7 out of 5.
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