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Close Contact Saddle with CAIR and Changeable Gullet
Close Contact Saddles

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Manufacturer: Wintec
Model: Close Contact Saddle with CAIR and Changeable Gullet
Category: Close Contact Saddles

Purchase: I paid $350 used for this saddle on ebay. I was looking for a saddle for quite a while, and thought I would get a leather one, but I also liked how the Wintec C/C's look, so I bid and won.

Likes: This saddle is extremely comfortable. Whenever my friends and I switch horses for fun, they always say how comfortable it is, and if it's missing it wasn't them! I also like the CAIR panels. I've heard some people say they're bad for the horse, but my horse works well with it, and she lets you know when a saddle is ill fitting (bucking at canter, ears at "half mast"). Also, I think it is a nice-looking saddle; from far away it really does look like leather!

Dislikes: One thing I don't like is how short the flap is. I have a slightly long hip-thigh measurement, so when my stirrups are of the comfortable length, my knee is to the bottom of the flap and basically off of the knee roll. I think that they should make a long flap option, just like the Bates. Also, the Easy Chnage Gullet isn't easy! It doesn't bother me though, because the wide fits my horse and nearly every other horse I've had it on, even horses I wouldn't classify as wide. Just a warning if you plan on changing a lot.

Quality: This saddle is made very well. I've had it 8+ months or so now, and haven't had a single problem. Nothing is falling off, stitching is intact, billets and underside are fine. I think that Wintec does have quality tack at cheap prices.

Summary: I think that the Wintec Close Contact saddle is an excellent saddle for anyone showing/training/riding for fun. It looks great, and is very comfortable. I would recommend it to anyon on a budget that is looking for a quality saddle.

Rating: 5

Author: Jessica

Date: 2005-07-21

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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