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Billy Cook
Pleasure/Reiner Model #8915 Chestnut-Running W
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Manufacturer: Billy Cook (View all products by Billy Cook Saddlery)

Model: Pleasure/Reiner Model #8915 Chestnut-Running W (View all Pleasure/Reiner Model #8915 Chestnut-Running W reviews)

Category: Reining Saddles

Purchase: I purchased my Billy Cook saddle from Sprucewood Tack in Arva, Ontario. I switched over from riding dressage to riding western pleasure and a little reining. I has been recommended time and time again that Billy Cook saddle is the one to new saddles' retail price was $1400.00

Likes: First off, I never sat in the saddle before I ordered it. When I sat in the saddle at the Tack Shop the first time I fell in love. If fit me perfect. Being "female" western saddles tend to be a "little wide" but my saddle was so comfortable that I forgot it was brand new. I went trail riding, arena riding it doesn't matter...this saddle is comfortable and "crotch friendly". Though I am only 5'-3" I am at my second last hole to shorten the stirrups, perhaps in the future I will get them professionally shortened if need be but not for now.

Dislikes: I would have like the girth that came with the saddle to have an off-cinch keeper. Mine does not so I had to purchase another schooling girth for my saddle with a keeper. To bad it didn't come with a real cowboy!!

Quality: I have my trainer give the once over and she said everything was fine. I wasn't sure at first about the chestnut colour but I really like it now and I've ridden chestnut and dunn horses with it and they look good.

Summary: I am extremely happy with my purchase and would definitely purchase another Billy Cook again. They fit a variety of horses comfortably and the rider as well. Thank you Sulphur, OK for a great saddle ... but now how about putting that cowboy in the box?

Rating: 5

Author: Janiebom

Date: 2010-02-11

Usefulness Rating: 3.3 out of 5.
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