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Slow Feed Hay Bag
Stable Accessories

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Manufacturer: Nibblenet (View all products by Nibblenet)

Model: Slow Feed Hay Bag (View all Slow Feed Hay Bag reviews)

Category: Stable Accessories

Purchase: This item was purchased directly from

Likes: This unit is available in numerous sizes. It is extremely durable and user friendly. It is unique in that it has small openings in which the horse can graze from. It may be hung in a stall or in the paddock/pasture. I purchased the 9 inch wide x-long with 1.5inch holes. This unit holds 6-8 flakes (15-18#) of hay. I hung it in my thoroughbreds stall for piece of mind. He is a cribber and a very big eater/hard keeper. He is turned out for at least 10 hours every day in winter and stays out 24/7 in milder weather. He now has access to hay 24/7 thanks to The Nibblenet. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made for this horse. I no longer feel stressed out and obligated to return to the boarding stable at 9pm to ensure that he does not have an empty stomach. The barn owner gives him 3-4 flakes on the ground in his stall in addition to filling his hay bag. The hay bag contents last approximately 3 nights. It takes approximately 30 seconds to fill. NO MUSS NO FUSS.

Dislikes: The only negative comment about this product is the price. It is not mass produced and therefore is a bit pricey. It was designed and produced by a horse owner who makes canvas products like boat covers and other products.

Quality: This product is very durable and user-friendly. My horse seems to like the challenge of eating from it.

Summary: Do not hesitate to splurge on this purchase. It is so worth it in the long run. Ulcers are very common in horses due to lack of continuous forage. They are ideally supposed to graze approximately 18 hours per day which allows salivation which in turn neutralizes the acidity in their guts. Please do not keep your horses in stalls with nothing to do. So many people I know have expensive show horses that they treat like porcelain dolls. They do not dissolve in the rain. They do not usually freeze in the snow. These horses are stuck inside stalls sometimes for days with no turnout. Why do these people buy expensive joint supplements instead of turnout? If a dog was kept in a cage for 3 days, these same people would want to call the ASPCA on the owner. Sorry for the lecture, just trying to be an advocate for the horses.

Rating: 5

Author: horse advocate

Date: 2010-02-26

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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