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Happy Horse Products
Traveler Hay Steamer
Barn and Stable Misc

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Manufacturer: Happy Horse Products (View all products by Happy Horse Products)

Model: Traveler Hay Steamer (View all Traveler Hay Steamer reviews)

Category: Barn and Stable Misc

Purchase: I got this unit from SmartPak, as their shipping was cheaper. I paid $295 plus shipping.

Likes: I love what this product gets rid of harmful mold spores. I hate getting a load of otherwise quality, nutritious hay, and bust it open, and there is white powdery mold everywhere. My horse refuses to eat moldy hay (and rightfully so!) and will pick through it and waste it. But with this steamer unit, I can take this moldy hay, kill off all the bad stuff in it, which turns it into good hay, and my horse eats it like candy! No more wasted hay, and I no longer have to waste money by throwing out "bad" hay!

Dislikes: The hay takes longer to steam than what they say. The owner's manual says it takes about 35-45 minutes, but I have to steam my coastal bermuda at least 90 mins, plus the 15 minutes it takes for the water to boil before it can start steaming. There are weep holes in the bottom of the bag, and so the excess condensation leaks out everywhere, all over your floor, and everything else! Also, there is a small piece of round plastic that covers the top of the hay, inside the bag. The idea is, this piece is to help keep the steam inside the bag, after it is cinched up and closed; however, this piece is not nearly big enough. A lot of steam escapes. I think this piece needs to be a lot bigger, bigger even than the diameter of the bag, so it could be tucked in around the hay.

Quality: The unit is very lightweight, which is a plus, being this is the "Traveler" unit. I don't have power at my barn, so this unit goes from my barn to my house, back to the barn, and then to work with me (yes, I steam my evening feeding of hay at work! Thankfully, I have understanding co-workers!). It seems like it should hold up for a long time.

Summary: I think this a great product, not only does it save my horse's health, but it saves me tons of money...I no longer have to throw away "bad" hay. It has already paid for itself! I think with a few minor changes, it could be perfect!

Rating: 4

Author: Katie

Date: 2010-03-11

Usefulness Rating: 3.30769 out of 5.
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