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Manufacturer: Indian made (View all products by Indian)

Model: Australian type trail saddle (View all Australian type trail saddle reviews)

Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: Bought this travesty on ebay for about $200 plus shipping. From the photos it did not look half bad and I was needing a trail saddle, so I took a chance.

Likes: Nothing! Dangerous! Ill-made!

Dislikes: Everything- too narrow for any horse in America unless it was starved. There was no way to fasten the too narrow girth to the saddle except for a tiny latch and small round metal ring which nothing fit through that ring. It was not rigged at all like any english or aussie saddle. The girth would never have held the saddle to any horse as there was no way to tighten it. The girth was just a piece of thin narrow leather. The leather was like cardboard. I never puy it on a horse and sent it right back. Luckily my money was refunded. I hope no one else bought this saddle. I shudder to think of beginners with their first horse.

Quality: Obviously made in India by those who may never have been on a horse with substandard materials that fall apart readily and will not last. I read a review here by someone praising saddles made in India. From the syntax and certain errors I assume the author either sold or made those saddles.

Summary: I wonder how people with any conscience can sell these dangerous products. Please buy good quality American made saddles. Look around for good used saddles or save your money as a good well-built saddle can literally save your life. A good saddle costs at least $1000 new and $500 and up used. Compare that to hospital bill costs and pain and suffering.

Rating: 1

Author: esbee

Date: 2010-03-29

Usefulness Rating: 2.92308 out of 5.
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