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DJ Deep Jump
Jumping Saddles

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Manufacturer: Amerigo
Model: DJ Deep Jump
Category: Jumping Saddles

Purchase: I was fitted for the DJ ($3950 new, price is the same regardless of customization). With tax the total came to $4200, which I just could not swallow. After weeks of research, a demo saddle of almost my exact specifications popped up on ebay for $2800, so I snagged it. It came in with the tags still on, not a mark on it- I got a sweet deal!

Likes: It is all about the balance of this saddle. I am a professional and ride 3-4 horses a day. I have ridden in one of everything, it feels like, and getting into the Amerigo is like coming home. I had the benefit of riding regularly in my boss's model before making the decision to buy. I am very long hip-to-knee, but need a small seat. The 17" seat with a long flap fits me to a T, without making me feel unstable. Most saddles that fit me have made me struggle to keep my leg in the correct position, especially over fences. It has to do with the placement of the stirrup bar and flaps in relation to the seat. The other big pro of the saddle is the fit to the horse. There is something about the way they construct their tree and panels that horses love. The +1.5 tree (MW) is extremely versatile. I have been able to use it on everything from QHs, to ponies, to 17h DWBs without a sore back in the bunch. The tree can also be adjusted if necessary (by a professional, $300 cost) up to 1.5cm in either direction. The leather is their Pinerolo (calfskin). It is buttery soft and just absolutely gorgeous. It is not the super tacky type of leather you find on a Tad Coffin or Butet (which is popular but wears too quickly IMO). Since I'm in the tack so much, I notice every little discomfort a poorly designed saddle causes. I could ride in the Amerigo ALL DAY (in fact, I do sometimes!), with never a complaint from my body or my horses.

Dislikes: If I'd had to buy it new, the price would have choked me. All Amerigo saddles seem to have darkening from the stirrup leathers (mine included, after just a week), more so than other brands.

Quality: EXCELLENT. The design of the saddle is flawless, both for the comfort of the horse and the stability of the rider. Leather is top quality and will last a lifetime.

Summary: While they don't have the popular allure of some of the other custom brands, Amerigo saddles are worth every penny because of the balance, the top quality construction, and the horse-centric design.

Rating: 5

Author: E. Peck

Date: 2010-05-06

Usefulness Rating: 3.14286 out of 5.
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