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James Saddlery
Northern Champion Drafter Full Flap
Trail Saddles

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Manufacturer: James Saddlery
Model: Northern Champion Drafter Full Flap
Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: I had this saddle custom made for me in March 2009 for a unheard of $1600.00 I sent all of the required measurements and information. The first saddle was gorgeous, as were all three, but the seat was way too big. I was able to sell it to a friend who loves it, and had Trevor James make me another. After waiting for a month, the second saddle came and was just as lovely as the first. Imagine my horror when I found out it was too narrow for my horse. After convincing Trevor that I was not a fault here, and getting him to agree to pay for return shipping to Australia, he made me a third saddle. It seemed to be just right until I rode in it for about a month. Then things didn't seem quite right. It kept slipping a little off-center on the horse. I've never had this problem with this horse with other saddles, nor have I had the problem with me using other saddles. I finally contacted Trevor again and let him know what I was dealing with. He had me send him pictures, and agreed with me that the saddle appeared twisted and that the right knee pad was lower then the left one. At first he wanted me to send it to Colin Dangaard in California to repair it, but Colin, upon hearing my story, has said he does not want to get mixed up in this fiasco. (I don't blame him) So now Trevor says he can repair it, but I must pay to send it to Australia, at the tune of about $500.00. I am so sick and mad I can't see straight. My "dream saddle" has become a "nightmare saddle". I am in tears over this whole ordeal, and I had to scrimp and save to get this saddle.

Likes: It is beautiful, and has all of the d-rings, etc. that I asked for. The leather is very nice.

Dislikes: It is not built correctly. I can't use it as it slips to the right side of the horse, and is very uncomfortable to ride in.

Quality: I don't believe it was constructed correctly and that is why I am having the problem with it. Trevor James even said in one of his e-mails to me that he could see from the pictures that the saddle is twisted!!

Summary: I can't believe that Trevor James won't stand behind his product. He states on his website that he can custom make a saddle, but he sure screwed this one up for me.

Rating: 1

Author: DM Evans

Date: 2010-06-29

Usefulness Rating: 2.25 out of 5.
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