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Manufacturer: Porter
Model: Western Roping Saddles
Category: Dressage Saddles

Purchase: First let me start by saying that there is another review on here about this brand and the seller on Ebay. The review states that the saddle are not authentic wade ropers made by Porter Saddle shop. Well i purchased one of these supposed fake saddles and i did a little investigating of my own. The tags in the pictures with the misspelled word being, "Portor" instead of "Porter", are tags from their 2009 stock. Rather than throw the tags away they put the 500 tags on anyways. The saddles are now stamped with the Porter saddle logo right into the leather instead to prevent fake saddles. Any saddle you get from that seller on Ebay is an authentic Porter saddle and is stamped with the authentic logo right into the leather. I should know, i have one. If you have any concerns about this matter the seller will gladly explain everything in full detail to you and encourage you to contact Ebay to ease your troubled mind. The saddles are very well made and are some of the most beautiful saddles i have to this day laid my eyes on and they will by no means harm or injure your horse. People need to dig deeper before going public with their comments that can cause a lot of problems for a lot of people. The seller on Ebay also had to prove to Ebay that their saddles were genuine and they did do that with no problem. Ebay has gotten very strict over the past year and sellers just can't get away with advertising fake merchandise like they used to. I would encourage anyone to buy one of these beautiful, tough, hand made, extremely well built saddles to see the amazing craftsmanship for themselves. Please check things out for yourself before jumping to conclusions. Ebay is also happy to answer any questions someone might have about any item or seller on their site. Thank you

Likes: I like the craftsmanship of this saddle. It is so beautiful to look at and it is extremely comfortable while at the same time being tough enough to rope any steer or horse.I love the unique look of these saddles. The burgundy leather accents and the extra long saddle strings for tying your gear in place. The wrapped horn can come in many different looks but mine is unique with both burgundy suede with a tan leather over it, giving it a two tone very unique look.

Dislikes: The one thing i don't like is how the saddle is so heavy but it has to be built tough and heavy if you are going to be roping steers. When compared to other roping saddles, all roping saddles are heavy and tough built.

Quality: The construction and quality is by far excellent. This saddle will be passed down in my family let me tell you. It's quite obvious that these saddles are not quickly made. Time and care must be taken to build something so tough yet so beautiful.

Summary: My bottom line. I will be buying another saddle from this seller next year and i will probably buy any saddle i need from him in the future. The prices they sell for cannot be found anywhere else i am sure of this because i have looked. If you want a well built saddle to rope in or to hit the trails, this is it. Mine is so beautiful i would even use it to show in. You will not get a better deal for your money.

Rating: 5

Author: Roper girl

Date: 2010-10-21

Usefulness Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
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