Nurtural Bitless Bridle
Impressive Leather
Western Bridles

For Sale on eBay

Manufacturer: Nurtural Bitless Bridle
Model: Impressive Leather
Category: Western Bridles

Purchase: Nurtural ebay store $120

Likes: They do have a nice return policy Customer service was awesome. I purchased through their ebay store on line. Great communication, fast transaction. The bridle came in really fast time. The quality of the leather is really nice.

Dislikes: Not a thing.

Quality: Very well made high quality leather.

Summary: I head about the Nurtural several years ago from a friend who was using it to start his 8 and 13 year old mares under saddle. He had really good success with them. At the time my mare was great in her Loose ring French link snaffle so I just saw no need to change it. I also had tried out various hackamores and other bitless options and had found that they all lacked in ability to communicate effectively with my horse. I am a horse trainer and I want to be able to use both one and two hand rein techniques when I work with my horses. My mare was very light in the bridle, doing sliding stops, turns on the haunch, and forehand, sidepass and so forth. So for me there was no real need to change a thing training wise.And due to my past experience with bitless options I was really resistant to my friends enthusiasm about this bridle. Well one weekend I visited him and his wife in Ohio and we went for a trail ride. I rode his older mare who is a very dominant mare who demands that her rider know their stuff. I had no difficulty controlling her even when she challenged me a few times and I was impressed with the feel of the connection with her and the amount of communication I had. I visited and rode this mare several times over the summer and very time was more impressed. So I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the leather Nurtural bridle. (my friend has the synthetic ones) I figured if I can have the same connection and communication without a bit as with one why not try it? I did as the instructions said adjusted it on my mare, pulled left right and back so she could feel it and got on her and went for a ride. Honestly there was almost no transition time. She was really sensitive to it at first so a light hand was needed but we were immediately doing all of the things we have always done. The real test came a few rides later out on the trail. We were off roading when Baby stepped over a downed sapling with her front leg. As she did it sprung up so that it was in between her two front legs above knee height. She could not step over it in either direction. We were not in a place that I felt I could safely get off of her back. Only one real option.Sidepass her off of the tree. I've never had to do anything like this with her on the trail in a bit much less in a bitless bridle that was new to both of us. Yet as I picked up the rein and put on my aids Baby calmly slid sideways along the tree until we reached the top so she could step out of it. Ive never had a problem controlling, stopping, turning or anything. Been using the Nurtural of over a year now and I love it. I highly recommend this bridle.

Rating: 5

Author: Cherie C

Date: 2010-10-26

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
1 reader(s) voted.

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