Combi Standard-Lunging Aid Plus Riding Aid
Training Equipment

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Manufacturer: Equiami
Model: Combi Standard-Lunging Aid Plus Riding Aid
Category: Training Equipment

Purchase: I bought online from the Equiami website. Shipped pretty quickly from GB to US. Paid 84 pounds for the combi (the lunging aid AND riding aid). (converts now to $130 US) I don't remember how much shipping, but it wasn't outrageous.

Likes: I wanted something lightweight and easy to use to help my horse develop his topline. The book "Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse" recommends a chambon or "equilunge" for retraining the back. This was what I found. I have plain leather sidereins I use for lunging and for ground work, but they are not safe to ride in. I have(had) a Pessoa lunge aid which jerks the bit in my horse's mouth at very stride. I did not like it at all. LUNGE AID When I use the Equiami lunge aid, it does not jerk the bit, there is a little loop between the front and back sections which "vibrates" the bit. It gently encourages a lower head and neck, but does not restrain (behind the vertical) like a too tight side rein. I mostly use over cavaletti. My horse quite quickly lowered his head: forward and down, AND started to salivate. White lips, not drooling. It is very easy to adjust, just a slide of one side. Watch the video, it is just as easy as they say. RIDING AID--now this is a great thing. It works to encourage the horses head forward and down, but can so easily be adjusted to nothing. Yes, I SHOULD be able to get my horse on the bit without a gadget, but this helps encourage my horse in the right direction without me constantly nagging him. We hack out in it As his back gets stronger, I can use it for shorter periods of time.

Dislikes: I had a hard time sorting out all the parts of the lunging aid. They have green rubber knobs for one part, red rubber for the other part, but I forget which is the front, the back, the middle??? And pieces that are just an extender for bigger horses. The riding aid is just a single piece and is much easier. What I didn't like was the funny looks I was getting at the barn!!

Quality: The aid attaches to the girth of the surcingle (or saddle) with a web strap and buckle. It is made of soft rope, brass clips and rings. Quality is fine, has not frayed, tarnished over time, and is BLACK so it does not show the dirt. FYI The DVD that came with the product does NOT play on US DVD players, but I watch it with my computer's disc drive.

Summary: As with all training aids, you must be very careful with how you use them. Let the horse and the horses reactions show you. The Equiami is nice because it does self adjust, is quite gentle.

Rating: 4

Author: HP

Date: 2010-12-21

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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