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Purchase: I purchased this saddle at the recommendation of my instructor and another lady who owned a D.K. The representative from Central California came out to fit me for the saddle. I was new to dressage. He allowed me to ride in one saddle with an 18 inch seat. It was more comfortable than the saddle I had been riding in, although it felt a bit small. I told the Rep. I thought I needed a 19 In. saddle. He said that the 18 would be fine for me, and I would get used to the custom saddle made specifically for me and my horse real fast. For some reason, I took his word for it. Probably because of the influence of the instructor and her friend. I paid more than $5000 for the saddle up front. They said they could not make this custom saddle without the money being paid first.

Likes: Nice leather and kind of pretty. Other than that, virtually nothing.

Dislikes: The seat is too small. After the D.K. Rep was long gone, and I continued to feel that the saddle felt too small, I measured the saddle. It was 17 Inches, and 15 inches from cantel to pommel. Not the 18 inches I was told would work for me, or probably 19 inches that I needed. I knew nothing about what flap size I needed when I ordered this expensive "Custom" saddle. A new instructor told me the saddle looked too small for me in the seat and the flaps. We measured the flaps. They are 15 Inches. I need at least a 17 Inch flap. My new male instructor who rides 18 Inch, Albion and Custom saddles rode in my D.K. saddle. He immediately said, I'm glad this is your saddle and not mine." He couldn't get off fast enough. Another instructor who rides a 16.5 inch saddle likes this D.K. They can have their air panels. What a terrible idea.

Quality: Aside from the air panels, the quality is every bit as good as my non custom Passier, which I purchased more than ten years ago, and which I have gone back to until I can find the right used Trilogy or Albion saddle. Mean time, my D.K. sits in my tack room just getting old. I suppose I could sell it, but is there anybody else in this world as stupid as I am. And, if there is, would I want to do to them what this company did to me? Not really.

Summary: Me, the new and inexperienced dressage rider thought he needed a 19 Inch seat. The supposed experienced D.K. Rep. insisted an 18 Inch saddle would be perfect for me. I got a 17 Inch saddle with flaps that are too short for my six foot frame. Obviously this saddle was made for somebody else and D.K. pawned it off on this sucker. They say one is born every minute. I guess it was my minute. I can't understand why they are still in business. Oh, by the way, the lady who recommended this saddle to me, has since sold her's and purchased something else. Hmmmmmm!!!!!

Rating: 1

Author: Kevin McArthur

Date: 2010-12-22

Usefulness Rating: 3.88889 out of 5.
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