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Back On Track
Sheet, Rug, Neck Rug, Quick Wraps, Cap,

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Manufacturer: Back On Track (View all products by Back on Track)

Model: Sheet, Rug, Neck Rug, Quick Wraps, Cap, (View all Sheet, Rug, Neck Rug, Quick Wraps, Cap, reviews)

Category: Horsewear

Purchase: Bought all directly from Back On Track US Distribution but for the Neck Rug which came from one of Joe Fargis' students in Virginia whom has both a equine consignment boutique and a online therapy store for humans and horses. Paid full retail for all pieces and bought all new. STATING NOW TO START SLOW WITH ALL BOT...ESPECIALLY NECK RUG AND HEAD CAP...MAYBE ONLY A FEW MINUTES FIRST FEW DAYS. CAN CAUSE TERRIBLE HEADACHES IF USED TOO LONG TOO FAST. BUILD UP OVER 2-3 WEEKS FOR ALL PRODUCTS BUT MAYBE FOR WRAPS AND QUICK WRAPS WHICH CAN STAY ON LONGER SOONER.

Likes: I tend to be very critical of equine wear, gear, supplements, tack. I am an advanced rider and have had many nice horses so have used many different products over the years. I have settled on a handful of truly great favorites within the realm of gear and horsewear. Back on Track is at the very top of the list....if not ultimately the most important gear/horsewear I use. I have 110% confidence in it's extraordinary benefit. It has never let me nor my horse down. There is nothing better for the legs of a horse that I have found than BOT Pillow wraps, wrapped well, and left overnight.

Dislikes: The price tag is high for most anyone. This is a plunge and a half for me. However, I feel the rugs, neck rug, cap, and wraps are all worth far more than what I paid. They hold up well and are a good value...especially consider what I don't spend on injections and so on. The value is even more off-set when I consider what a sound, sane, and truly happy horse I have....everyday ready to go to work and joyful in it. I am not a huge fan of the velcro closure on the chest of the fleece rug....would be better if it overlapped more to give the buckle surcingles real meaning. A Bucas type overlap would be ideal. Removed the metal rings that connect the neck rug to the rugs....replaced with small strips of velcro...much easier to rest on for my horse. Worst case is I have to invest in tape to hold the quick wrap velcro closed overnight if I leave my horse in a big paddock with his "babysitter" aka: playful pony companion, whom likes to undo the velcro. Has managed to pull off one velcro tab which was a cinch to sew back on. Should note that the wrap did not move a centimeter even without the one velcro tab.

Quality: Great, sturdy. All pieces wash up excellent, keep their color, stay soft. WASH in the most mild of soaps....or top blanket wash like Bucas rug wash. I use MELP on my fleece rug. Leather Therapy is also great to use. Keep clean as is more effective when clean but wash minimally and carefully for years of use.

Summary: In terms of prevention of work related/play related injury, comfort for my horse overnights, warmth in the winter, recuperation after shows, detoxification!!!, and enhancement to my horse's coat and overall appearance, I am completely impressed by BOT and will not be without it for my horse. I am a massage therapist and cannot begin to express how well BOT coordinates, facilitates, and enhances muscle work/myofascial work. My own horse's chiropractic needs have been greatly reduced to 4-6 CHECKS per year. in "just checking". Horse needs little to no structural adjustment or intervention.....I believe, in largest part, to regular use of BOT. My general use of hydrotherapy has been greatly reduced. I rarely use rubs or poultice but would recommend the Dit Da Jow linament under wraps when needed. Find it far superior to Sore No More, less toxic (Lobelia turns my stomach) and much more cost effective. I had noticed a tremendous difference in my horse's ability to focus on very difficult training challenges and meet those challenges calmly early into using BOT. Am convinced it is a main ingredient in his winning mental attitude. He has robust physical health with little to no wear and tear experienced or exhibited over the long haul. He is an outstanding, stand-out equitation horse and BOT is a big player in helping him feel and perform his best.

Rating: 5

Author: Vanessa

Date: 2011-02-08

Usefulness Rating: 4.25424 out of 5.
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