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5 star equine products
1 and 1/8 inch wool contoured round skirt barrel pad 30x30
Western Saddle Fittings/Pads

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Manufacturer: 5 star equine products (View all products by 5 Star)

Model: 1 and 1/8 inch wool contoured round skirt barrel pad 30x30 (View all 1-1/8" wool contoured round skirt barrel pad 30x30 reviews)

Category: Western Saddle Fittings/Pads

Purchase: i got this pad online through if you want to order any 5 star product i highly highly recommend her. she can have you pads, cinchas, and breastcollars custom made with your choice of colors, wear leathers and embroidery (for pads). my boss and her husband swear by 5 star pads so i figured i would try one on my mare, bella, just to see. I was starting to have some saddle fitting issues with her as she was losing her winter weight. she also sweats a lot and i want her to stay as cool and comfortable as possible. after trying many pads; gel, foam, merino wool, felt, tacky too etc, nothing was improving the situation. with the embroidery and shipping my pad came to about 260.00.

Likes: its a very durable pad, well made. it doesn't frill or pull apart or pill up like other wool/felt pads do. very easy to clean. laid on my horses back very well. its very thick and does not compress very much. it also keeps my saddle in place. i dont need to cinch up as much.

Dislikes: price. but you're definitely getting what you pay for with this pad. definitely a good investment for you money and horse. i kinda wish it was a little more contoured so that the front would stay pulled up into the gullet a little better. the only other thing i dont like is the seam that goes down the spine of the saddle, its odd. it looks like two pieces of wool piping. doesnt bother my horse although i did read another review on here of someone saying it bothered there horses, so i supposed it just depends.

Quality: very well put together. high grade material. (see likes and dislikes) my embroidery (done through turned out beautiful. its on there for good!

Summary: if you want a comfortable pad for you and your horse and you want what youre paying for, get a 5 star pad. if you do barrels, ranch work, heavy trail riding, i would HIGHLY recommend the 5 star pads. this pad helped a good fitting saddle fit even better on my mare. her left scapula is bigger, sticks out further, than her right. its a weird deformity. This makes the saddles want to tip forward and sit down in behind her shoulder blades. the 1 and 1/8th pad has fixed all this. the saddle pad keeps her saddle up in proper position. it does not compress behind her shoulders like all other saddles pads do. she sweats a lot and this pad has greatly reduced her sweating. i can tell she stays a lot more comfortable which puts me at ease. i could tell within the first 3 rides that she was likin the new setup!

Rating: 5

Author: chelsea

Date: 2011-02-09

Usefulness Rating: 2.44444 out of 5.
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