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Purchase: I bought this saddle in January 2010 from It retails for $3,295.00. I paid a little less for it because it was a demo. I originally contacted about the Ovation Klimke dressage saddle but when I heard about the features on the Cynron Pegasus and about's outstanding return policy, I decided to try it. I really liked it from the first time I rode in it. I did have to send it back though because it had a medium tree which was just too wide for my horse. But the company was great - they paid the shipping costs for me to send it back and I had the narrow tree model within two days. And the narrow tree model they sent me was brand new, so I ended up paying the demo model price for a brand new saddle!

Likes: This model is the Cynron Pegasus Dressage Saddle with CIRP Blue Memory Foam Seat. It is extremely comfortable. The leather is a very good quality. I like how secure I feel in this saddle, especially since I have a spooky mare who sometimes tries to scoot right out from under me! I also feel that it puts me in the proper position for dressage, with a straight line from shoulder to hip to heel. The flap is just a tiny bit forward which I liked because at the time I bought it, I was transitioning from the hunter world to the dressage world. I think a perfectly straight flap would have been too drastically different from the forward seat I was used to using.

Dislikes: The only thing I don't like about this saddle is that put a big brass nameplate on the near side under the flap. The brass plate has the manufacturer's information on there and the serial number of the saddle, plus's contact info. I could've done without that. I personally never was bothered by the plate being there; it's not like I can feel it when I'm riding. However, a few people at my barn who saw it commented that they thought it was strange and potentially uncomfortable.

Quality: The leather is rich, soft, and buttery. The saddle seems very well made and is holding up very well. Mine is over a year old now and after being used on two horses several times a week for that all that time, it still looks brand new. There was virtually no break-in period when I bought it. It felt great from day one.

Summary: This is a great saddle. Cynron saddles are a little pricey but very well made and they will last a long time. I don't know if I would pay full price for one, but if you can find one on sale, I would definitely recommend it.

Rating: 4

Author: Riderzup

Date: 2011-03-11

Usefulness Rating: 3.125 out of 5.
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