Nelson Mfg
Model 700 Waterers
Barn and Stable Misc

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Manufacturer: Nelson Mfg
Model: Model 700 Waterers
Category: Barn and Stable Misc

Purchase: $379 per unit and bought 3 units.

Likes: Bright and Shiny.

Dislikes: Polishing a Bright Shiny Turd does not make it a good product.

Quality: Stainless Steel looks nice. Also a very good conductor of electricity.

Summary: Nelson Waterers trouble: I ordered 3 round stainless units of them for my property. Living in a northern climate, one froze immediately and I had to cover it with a garbage can. I installed according to the full recommendations, have a 12 inch pipe 7 feet deep to get the thermal earth heat. Bought the tubing insulation from Nelson to place around the pipes. Still my unit failed. Of course I called Nelson, they have a 3 year warranty (this was years ago). However, I was to pull it apart, this is not an easy thing to do. Then send in the thermostat and the heating element. Not something I wanted to do in winter. I did not do this in winter. I just kept the waterer covered and reshuffled my horses to get to a common unit. Never got the replacement parts from Nelson as the customer service person was not pleasant when I called so I myself wired another heat tape to by-pass their heat delivery system. A couple of years later (2010) a second unit froze. Keep in mind when something in my climate freezes it freezes hard and risks having pipes split. So I hard wired a heat tape in all three units. Two units still freeze when the temp gets to about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I need 2 heating elements from Nelson. So I wrote an email to Nelson explaining once again what I have done in the past. I got the same story. Take your waterer (funny they don't say our waterer, it is not theirs, it is mine) apart and send us the parts. Though I will have to pay them for the parts and shipping both ways. The service person was again quite rude and blamed me for my shortcomings as I was complaining about the company he worked for. So this spring I will once again take all 3 apart and remove the poorly designed system for heat Nelson has and replace with my own version. Hope someone may find this helpful and consider your climate before purchase. If you live where the temperature goes under 10 degrees Fahrenheit, I recommend finding a watering different unit. Separately, if you own large horses as I do, they can not get their nose into the dish very far and takes many minutes for a thirsty horse to satisfy itself. Sincerely, $1000 into Nelson and Not Very Happy.

Rating: 1

Author: Digital Horse

Date: 2011-03-28

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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