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Genesis CSG
Jumping Saddles

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Manufacturer: Stubben (View all products by Stubben)

Model: Genesis CSG (View all Genesis CSG reviews)

Category: Jumping Saddles

Purchase: I bought this saddle directly from a dealer after looking for about 4 months for a consignment saddle that fit me and my new horse. I had previously bought a Stubben Edelweiss NT Deluxe for a different horse for a sale price of just over $1000. I was looking for a similar price with this saddle, but I eventually decided that I was tired of everything I tried on just "almost" fitting, and so I went back to the dealer and got this saddle perfectly fitted to my horse and me, which included ordering a bigger "G" flap for my long femur and having the flocking arranged around my horse's asymmetrical left shoulder. I decided against the "deluxe" leather that is common in this model, and so the price totaled $2250.

Likes: EVERYTHING! I have had this saddle for 4 months now and I love everything about it! This model is built on the same tree as the Edelweiss NT, and so I was already somewhat accustomed to its feel from riding in my other saddle. In my opinion, though, it is much more classy than the Edelweiss, and I really like the small front and rear blocks. My horse really enjoys it too; he is very opinionated about which saddles he will tolerate due to previous injuries by an ill-fitting saddle, and he loves this one. The seat is just wide and deep enough to be secure without confining me. The dealer was also very helpful and positive about finding the perfect saddle for both of us.

Dislikes: My only possible complaint would be that, when Stubben says they are making a forward flap, they make a VERY forward flap. It borders on being too large for me, and I have very long legs. But it is better than having my knee sticking over the flap, an issue I have experienced frequently. Once I got used to the feel of some extra leather under me, it was fine. Also, the flocking and extra room in the flap makes the saddle pretty heavy for its size; nothing horrendous though.

Quality: The stitching is perfect, and the ebony color is easy to match to other tack and just looks fantastic on my bay gelding. Once I thought I found a flaw with the stitching, but it turned out to just be a tiny bit of loose end that was easily remedied with a pair of scissors! The billets are very high-quality, made of sturdy one-piece leather. They don't stretch much AT ALL, as compared to French saddle billets, which seem to gain an inch per year in length. A note to any future Stubben buyers: don't go for the Deluxe leather! I have been able to compare it to my new saddle, which just has Stubben's trademark traditional leather. The Deluxe leather wears out much faster, is VERY thick, never breaks in as well as you'd like, and is just bulky (this is as compared to the traditional leather-it is still very high-quality but it isn't worth the extra money!) The traditional leather wears like iron, stays sticky and porous for you, and breaks in very nicely. For those who ride as much as I do (4=6 x per week), you will enjoy the long-lasting traditional leather!

Summary: I have decided that Stubben is just the best brand of saddles. Period. The billets don't stretch, the leather stays amazing forever, and they are just all-around very sturdy; I had two horses rear and flip over backwards when wearing the Edelweiss, and the leather barely even scratched; not to mention that the tree didn't move an inch through all that impact! To me, that says something about quality. There is a Stubben saddle for everyone. I also ordered a pair of calfskin leathers, and they are wonderfully sturdy and easy to manage as well, although my friend tells me that their girths can actually be pretty stiff and annoying. Still, as far as saddles go, I will never buy any other brand, and I tried quite a few different used models, from a Black Country to a Devoucoux. None compared. Stubbens can be a bit pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Rating: 5

Author: Hrsrdr

Date: 2011-05-14

Usefulness Rating: 2.78571 out of 5.
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