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Manufacturer: Ovation (View all products by Ovation)

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Category: English Casual Apparel

Purchase: I have bought many pairs of these at Lakeside Saddlery in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. I cannot remember exactly how much I have paid for them, but if I had to guess, I would say about $8/pair. I bought them because I was having problems with long socks sinking down and bunching around my ankles and these looked like they were worth a shot.

Likes: They are very cool and comfortable and thin and wick away moisture well. They are like a cross between knee-high hosiery and socks. I have been using them for years and I love them. They stay in place better than any socks that I have found. I think that something that is different about these socks as compared to other socks is that they are just stretchy enough that they fit just about everyone, but they are not TOO stretchy. Socks that are too stretchy tend to sag more and have more difficulty staying in place. When you put these on, you have to pull them as high as they go (which is perfectly just below my knee for me) so that there is no excess fabric to sag, and then they stay in place wonderfully. I have a pair of boot socks that are too stretchy and if I pull them as high as they will go, they go halfway up my thigh. No matter how I wear them, they always end up around my ankles within an hour. I have only had the Zocks move down around my ankles a handful of times, and I wear them every time I ride, so that is saying something.

Dislikes: They are not particularly durable. They tend to wear out at the heel to the Achilles tendon area from rubbing on the back and bottom of the boot (even if your boots fit well). They get those little ball things in that area first like those which develop inside old sweatshirts, which can rub uncomfortably, and then finally a hole appears. I think one pair of Zocks generally lasts me about one to two years, and I am generally alternating between about 4-5 pairs in a year.

Quality: They are very tight fitting, but in a way that makes them more and not less comfortable. They actually take a little "breaking in" because they do not have a heel to them like most socks, so you have to develop one by putting them on the same way every time. Because of that, they are usually a little tight in the heel area the first few times they are worn, but it is not particularly uncomfortable. They are very thin, almost like hosiery, which make them comfortable in the summer and breathable. The only bad thing about the construction is that they do not last a very long time (see above).

Summary: I highly recommend these because they are the best boots socks that I have found in fit, comfort, and function. The only thing that I would say is that I think that they are too expensive given that they do not last very long.

Rating: 4

Author: MD

Date: 2011-05-31

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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