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Flex Rider (Intec)
All Purpose with Exchange Gullet
All Purpose Saddles

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Manufacturer: Flex Rider (Intec)
Model: All Purpose with Exchange Gullet
Category: All Purpose Saddles

Purchase: I dont want to say where i got it.I got it at a local tack shop.

Likes: The suede is grippy,and its well balanced for the rider IF you like a super FLAT saddle.It does flex enough to follow the curve of the back,But not up behind the withers.and it has biothane billets,not cheap nylon.

Dislikes: ALMOST EVERYTHING!! No matter what horse I put it on,it sits like 4 inches behind the scapula! Not the withers--the scapula( shoulder blade) It definitely does not interfere with shoulder movement, but it sits so far back that I am riding on my horses tail.Well,almost.If I pull it up where it belongs,it interferes with movement all right! The gullet plates points are too long and they dont have any give.The saddle keeps slipping back way too far on all of the horses and if I put a breastplate on it to keep it where it belongs,it rubs the shoulders very badly and atrophies the muscle. I was told when I bought this cheap junk on sale that it fits better than a wintec because it has more curve to the rail.NOT!! Its the exact opposite! It sits too far back on the horse,because it has almost NO curve to the rail.Trust me,Wintecs fit WAY better.Dont waste your money on this one,unless you have a very wide very straight shouldered horse.This does fit my husbands huge QH ok but definitely not Arab,thoroghbreds or anything with any slope to the shoulder at all.I hate this saddle big time!!

Quality: Also the gullets are way wider than a normal saddle.It would maybe be a halfway decent alternative to the Wintec Wide since the gullet plates are so way off on sizing (way wide) The fake leather parts are not at all as good of quality as the wintec,but the suede is just as good.I sat in the fake leather one on the seams were not flat and it hurt my crotch.The suede one doesn't do that so if you buy one,get the suede for sure.Also,it was supposed to have a deep seat ands be an all purpose model.It is VER%Y flat and definitely more like the old style close contact.But,the seat IS well balanced.If you dont mind tipping forward when the stupid thing slides back on the horse.Yes my girth was tight.The saddle just doesnt have any curve underneath to keep it where it belongs.It needs a little curve to the tree in the FRONT,not the rear.

Summary: It might work halfway decent on a huge very wide very straight shouldered horse,like a typical QH or Appalossa with mostly QH breeding.Big stock types anyway.But only if they have a very straight shoulder.It will NOT work on Arabs at all! I train Arabs for a living and it wont fit a single one of them.Unless you want your girth almost as far back as the flank and you want to sit on their tail.

Rating: 1

Author: Too busy to waste time and money like that.

Date: 2011-08-28

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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