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Manufacturer: Abetta
Model: Serenity/Trinity Endurance Saddle
Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: My paint mare moves like a breed circuit English horse and only likes the flat, so I had no use for her jumping. I love my mare, so rather than getting a different horse, I got a different saddle and decided she would be my trail horse. I bought it from Green River Tack for about $360, after reading all of the fantastic reviews about the saddle on this website.

Likes: Soooo many things, it's going to be hard to list them all. The cost, for one. I was going to go with a Reinsman saddle, but even used I couldn't find one under $850. The comfort and stability, most of all. Being synthetic, you don't need to break in the saddle. The memory foam seat lets you sink right down in to the saddle and feels amazing. It grips you in a way you've never felt. I used it on my three year old, who decided one day to rear a few times, then start bucking, then bolt, then buck some more. I lost my reins the first time he reared, and one stirrup during the bucking, but I STAYED ON. My 5 year old tripped and fell to his knees, and my heart rate wasn't even elevated, because I hardly felt the movement in my saddle. It's easy to clean and care for, and everyone loves this saddle. It is lightweight at 16 pounds, and fits all of my horses since it is flexible.

Dislikes: There's really nothing I don't like about this saddle. Some people who have tried my saddle do not like the padded stirrups. I like them very much. Obviously, the stirrups can be changed out if you have others you like. You do need to order 1 size bigger than your regular size, since the memory foam takes up space.

Quality: Abetta synthetic quality. This is the only synthetic brand I will buy. Their craftsmanship is amazing. I have owned this saddle for over a year (ridden in almost every day) and it is still great. I have another Abetta I've had for 14 years, and it is also still in fantastic shape. If they made this saddle in English, I would buy it.

Summary: Let me tell you how much I like this saddle: I have ridden English for 20 years and this saddle made me SWITCH. I can still jump in it, but can also trail ride or train. I obviously can't show in it, so I still have english saddles for that, but this is hands down my favorite saddle and I ride in it every day. The first week I got it, I brought it to my trainer's place and left it for a week for them to try out for lessons. It was used for heavier men and women, people of average weight, myself (thin and tall), and children under 50 pounds. Everyone raved about it (even the kids), and 3 people gave up their Bob Marshall treeless saddles and regular western saddles and went out and bought the exact same saddle I have. If I buy another saddle, it will be a spare Abetta Serenity saddle. It is comfortable even on long rides or on rough gaited horses, it is safe and keeps me securely in the saddle, it is lightweight and flexible to fit most horses, and because it has a memory foam seat, even kids can use it, since the seat molds to their body. You will not regret this purchase.

Rating: 5

Author: KN

Date: 2011-09-03

Usefulness Rating: 4.77273 out of 5.
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