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Tough-1 (JT Intntl)
Basic Nylon Harness
Horse Miscellaneous

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Manufacturer: Tough-1 (JT Intntl) (View all products by Tough-1)

Model: Basic Nylon Harness (View all Basic Nylon Harness reviews)

Category: Horse Miscellaneous

Purchase: I got this from SLT for $109. I want to use it as a training harness to drive and do a little work with it around the farm. I bought it for my pony. The size chart was unclear and a little garbled, so I should have taken that as a warning.

Likes: Lots of the strapping looks strong, and is soft and easy to work with. It seems stitched well with no knots. I was not able to check if there would have been areas where the nylon rubbed the horse, as I didn't even let this thing get near my horse to try it on.

Dislikes: The crupper where it goes right under the tail, a sensitive area, was made of a rough rayon that was highly wrinkled and tough. Animals will get rubbed raw, and few will tolerate it. They could misbehave, causing a wreck. The harness was missing essential parts, like the breast strap that actually pulls the cart, so I am not able to report on its quality. Either the harness came with no belly band, or a very tiny one. I don't think it was put together in order, either.

Quality: On the same token, the saddle of the harness had the screws very loose. They were screwed into cardstock/particle board material, it looked like to me, which was very thin. Another reason I think it might be cardstock is that I thought a leather saddle from a harness by the same company also had a cardstock layer to add thickness. This is common in cheap imported saddles. It won't hold together at all when wet. This cardstock was so thin that the screws poked right through most of the way through the foam. As soon as the girth is tightened, and any weight is placed from the shafts and cart, those screws will dig in and cause a sore. Even if I pad it, as I was planning on doing, the screws will cut through the pad very soon.

Summary: This harness is a hopeless disaster. It is possible you could replace the bad parts and pad the breast strap and breaching, but this would cost more than a cheap, good harness from a good manufacturer. I am going to try Ron's harness next.

Rating: 1

Author: Ksenia

Date: 2011-10-14

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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