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Manufacturer: Abetta
Model: Deluxe Trail
Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: I have found the perfect saddle. Nearly 3 years ago I purchased two (2) Abetta Deluxe Trail saddles (model 20551fwc) from ""(aswebsales) for $473.each. Over those years, I've had so many other trail riders ask how I liked my saddle, I am compelled to submit a second review. After now using these saddles for 2 Cracker Trail rides across Florida (9 days, 140 miles each)plus countless other conditioning and pleasure ride, we have given these saddles a thorough workout over and other than a couple scratches, they are as good as the day I bought them. I am amazed at their durability. They are truly a quality saddle, better for my purposes than any other saddle I've owned.

Likes: I like these saddles because of their light weight (17 lbs), good fit and overall comfort for both horse and rider. The Flex Tree and Aire Grip lining provides a very comfortable and secure fit between saddle and horse (Paint Horses). In 500 miles of conditioning and trail riding, we've never had a hot spot on the horses. I attribute this to the Flex Tree AND the Double Dee Rigging, which allows a true 3 point rig arrangement, which holds the cinch in place, virtually eliminating cinch gall around the front shoulder (a real problem for others we ride with). Both the front and rear Dees are structurally anchored all the way across the tree (I checked) for a true (structural) Double Dee rig. The rear Dees don't stretch or pull on the skirt as do other (expensive leather) saddles I own. As you may know, a 3 point rig prevents the cinch from slipping forward (from sweat, water or loosening from stretching leather) and galling around the front shoulders. In my opinion, if you're not using 3 point rigging on your trail saddle, you're missing out. These saddles are easy keepers. This is also a big deal to us, as we live and ride in Florida with continuous high humidity, daily summer rain, etc. We truly ride "cross country", frequently riding in the rain, (splashing) through swamps, fording stirrup deep rivers and creeks, etc. In this environment, everything gets soaking wet, muddy and dirty. In this environment, my other leather saddles are plagued with mold and mildew issues year round (leather, fleece lining, etc.), but the Abetta Cordura remains clean, mold and mildew free as does the Aire Grip lining. The 4" endurance stirrups are black nylon with a heavy foot pad which nearly glues your boot in place and saves your knees from a lot of shock. They may look a little cheap, but they are strong, very secure and functional. Finally, I must comment on the long strings on all 4 corners, which allow secure attachment of a slicker, a whip, a lariat and a lead rope. The stainless rings. front and rear, allow secure attachment of my cordura saddle bags and pommel bag. These strings are good quality, flexible and adequate length, allowing secure double knots. Very, very useful.

Dislikes: For my purpose, this is the perfect Trail Saddle. While I occasionally push cattle in it, I don't rope with this saddle. The horn and tree seems strong and secure enough, but I'm just reluctant to try a dally to it. Some don't like the black synthetic appearance, but it looks good on our black and white Paints. The black nylon stirrups aren't real attractive, but they are absolutely functional. The other advantages of a Cordura synthetic saddle is a "no brainer" trade off for our purposes. Honestly, after 3 years of long distance riding, I can't really find anything I don't like.

Quality: The flex tree is synthetic "Ralhide" (spelling?) which is again perfect for our continuously moist environment. I've had other rawhide covered wood trees simply fall apart because of a continuous wet/dry moisture cycle. It is no problem with these synthetic trees and saddles. The Cordura dries quickly after a rain (a real plus), is very durable under abrasion from brush and briars. The Cordura and synthetic padded seat provides a very secure and comfortable seat. It hasn't worn slick and slippery as a leather seat does. As stated, the Double Dee rigging is very secure and does not stretch when wet. The fit and finish is is excellent, with tight and smooth seams. The leather covered pommel and horn are also flawless and have remained tight. The 4" cushioned stirrups may look kinda cheap, but they are very functional

Summary: Again I say, I have found the perfect Trail Saddle. I would recommend the Abetta Deluxe Trail Saddle to any trail rider. It is perfect for the purpose.

Rating: 5

Author: olecowpoke

Date: 2011-10-26

Usefulness Rating: 4.36667 out of 5.
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