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Tory Soft Padded Leather Halter
Black/Green Horse Size

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Manufacturer: Tory Soft Padded Leather Halter (View all products by Tory Leather)

Model: Black/Green Horse Size (View all Black/Green Horse Size reviews)

Category: Halters/Ropes/Leads

Purchase: Purchased at State Line Tack. State Line now uses the old 'Bait and Switch'. Halter was supposed to be $49, it showed on the website at $49, it showed on for $49 and it showed on a general search on for $49. When you select your size and color, the web page at State Line shows $49. A few minutes later when you go to pay you find out the price has changed to $79 in the cart. And when you call State Line to ask them to honor their price they tell you it is a 'Computer Error'. Computer Error is State Line's new euphemism for 'Bait and Swith'. And so I paid $79 for a color I did not want and did not order. But when I spoke with both a supervisor and manager at State Line I was told I could always return the halters at my expense and that would be fine with them!!!

Likes: The halter is very attractive to look at. If you do not look too closely and you do not try to actually use the halter, it looks great.

Dislikes: Purchased two of these halters thinking they would be good Xmas gifts. They are all defective and must be seconds. I am now wondering if State Line only sells seconds because their prices are lower than every other tack shop on-line and this is not the first time I have had issues with their merchandise. Their prices are good but their quality is lacking. One halter has a defective clip on the throat latch. The manufacturer tried to hammer the clip down to make it usable (instead of replacing it) but the clip still will not open and there is no easy way to get the halter off. The brass buckles on the crown piece are not shaped correctly and one has a sharp edge. The leather keeps are all different sizes. One seems to fit, the other looks like it was made for a different halter. The stitching is uneven and the color is uneven. One cheek piece is very, very soft... Really nice. But the other cheek piece on the same halter is rock hard and will not bend. The leather padding on the nose is a different shade than the leather padding on the cheek pieces. I am very disappointed in the quality of these halters.

Quality: If it was only one halter, I could excuse it. But each one is worse than the next and each one has different problems. Looks like Tory has a real quality control issue and State Line does not care.

Summary: was recently taken over by and their selling practices have gone down. This is the second time this year I was caught in the same 'Bait and Swith' routine on the website and the first time State Line would not honor their prices despite my 13 snapshots of the their website showing the halters at a discounted price. I was lied to about the quality. I was told these were 'discontinued halters' when actually they were seconds. I was lied to about the 'Computer Issues' and lastly, State Line 'accidentally' charged me three (3) times for the same items. I used to shop here but I have had this same issue with State Line twice in two months and I am done.

Rating: 1

Author: Stay Away

Date: 2011-11-10

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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