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Nibble Net
Nibble Net Size: 9 inch with 1.5 inch openings
Stable Accessories

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Manufacturer: Nibble Net (View all products by Nibblenet)

Model: Nibble Net Size: 9 inch with 1.5 inch openings (View all Nibble Net Size: 9 inch with 1.5 inch openings reviews)

Category: Stable Accessories

Purchase: I have two VERY easy-keeper Peruvian Horses. My mare is especially food-driven and will gorge her meals. My gelding has had problems with gas colicks. Both horses are fast eaters, so I wanted to slow-down their eating time. After much researching, and buying several other (much more expensive) brands of slow feeders that didn't work, or were very hard to load....lots of wasted money, there....I found Nibble Nets and decided to give them a try. I live in southern CA, and we have the large 3-string bales of hay, so I bought 4 of the 9-inch Nibble Nets with 1.5 inch openings for $68.99 each, directly from the Nibble Nets website. I put one in each of my horses' stalls, and one in each of their large turnouts, where they spend their days.

Likes: I found the Nibble Nets to be very easy to load, and I can easily fit two of our very large hay flakes in each Nibble Net. With the Nibble Nets, my horses can't eat as fast as they normally would with a regular feeder, so their hay lasts a lot longer. I even can hear my horses eating most of the night, taking short snoozes, as horses do, between munching. Nibble Nets also work very well during our winter rains, when the horses are stall-bound, sometimes for 2-3 days. With the Nibble Nets, my horses are happily nibbling their hay, which keeps them busy and prevents boredom....and we all know what horses do when they're bored!

Dislikes: So far, there isn't anything negative I can say about Nibble Nets. After trying a few hard-sided trickle feeders that are much more expensive (several hundred dollars each), or they weren't large enough to hold even one 3-string hay flake; and finding one brand, in particular, is very hard to load....the Nibble Nets have already paid for themselves.

Quality: I'm very pleased to see how sturdy and well-constructed the Nibble Nets are. I've been using these same 4 Nibble Nets for almost a year, now, and they're holding-up very well; not a tear, or ripped seam anywhere, and they take a beating! I've looked into other slow-feeder hay nets, but they have no structure as the Nibble Nets do, so they aren't as easy to load. One brand of unstructured hay net uses carabiners to secure the net where they can come in contact with the horse's face....that's an accident just looking to happen.

Summary: I will be purchasing the larger, XL-12 inch Nibble Nets, so I can then leave my horses with even more hay when I need to be away from home for the day. I LOVE Nibble Nets, and so do my horses!

Rating: 5

Author: A Very Happy Nibble Net Customer

Date: 2011-12-28

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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