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Western Show Cut 31"
Western Saddle Fittings/Pads

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Manufacturer: CSI Saddlepads
Model: Western Show Cut 31"
Category: Western Saddle Fittings/Pads

Purchase: I purchased this pad used off Ebay for $200. I previously used Skito dryback pads on all my horses and loved them. However, when in Wyoming to test ride a horse, I had the opportunity to try the CSI pad. It made such a difference in how my saddle sat, how I sat, and how the horse moved I knew I had to have one. I have now purchased three used pads, one for each of my horses. One will need a replacement liner, but the top is still in excellent condition, and the other two look brand new. Am now saving to purchase an English CSI pad.

Likes: I love how this pad levels out your saddle and disperses pressure. I love the freedom of movement the horses have using this pad, and the fact that I no longer have resistance when asking for transitions or changes of direction. I have three horses, and this pad works excellent for each of them. I have read the other reviews on this site regarding this pad, and can only think that the negative reviews resulted from the user not positioning the pad correctly under the saddle. You do need to follow the instructions carefully and get the pad up into the gullet so that the flex plates are positioned correctly under the saddle bars. It takes a time or two to get it but once you do saddling is a breeze and the horse definitely benefits from the extra effort to learn the proper placement. I have two regular western cut pads, and the show cut pad, which is cut so that it is hidden under a show pad, which is awesome.

Dislikes: Having now purchased three used pads of different ages, I have three different liner materials - the oldest pad has a thin foam liner that is cracked and must be replaced. I use my Skito pad under this one, and it is working fine until I can get a new liner. The second used pad I purchased has a combination of foam and wool felt, about 3/4" total. This pad was practically like new, so I am evaluating this liner combination...so far so good. The third used pad I purchased has 1/2" wool felt liner which I like, but will eventually replace with 3/4" wool felt. So far my only dislike is the foam liner on the oldest pad. The company has stopped using foam and now uses a very high quality wool felt for the liner, which is good.

Quality: This pad is of excellent quality and workmanship. Each pad is still made by hand in the USA, which to me is a huge plus. The top part of the pad, which contains the flex plates appears as though it is indestructible. The original foam liners used were of poor quality and are no longer used, the foam/wool felt combo seems to be excellent quality as is the 100% wool felt liner.

Summary: In summary, I feel this pad with the wool liner is the best pad on the market today. I have used Cavollo, Reinsman, Impact Gel, and Skito. This pad wins, hands down. Visit the CSI Saddlepad website, watch the videos, visit their booth if they're going to be somewhere near you. Try one. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. You will love this pad, and your horse will love it too.

Rating: 5

Author: Horsecrazy

Date: 2012-02-19

Usefulness Rating: 4.82759 out of 5.
29 reader(s) voted.

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