Roma Grazing Muzzle
Horse Miscellaneous

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Manufacturer: Weatherbeeta
Model: Roma Grazing Muzzle
Category: Horse Miscellaneous

Purchase: I ordered one of these muzzles off for $45. It was far too small (funny, since the all the pony's other tack is Pony sized... But had to go up to a cob), so I returned it and bought a cob size one from the local saddlery (Canterbury Saddlery).

Likes: It was of fairly solid construction and quite adjustable. That's honestly all I can find to like, which speaks volumes about this... Well... Hunk of crap.

Dislikes: Ha, where shall I start? The sizing was completely retarded! I bought a Pony sized muzzle for a pony who has a tiny Arab nose and it was far too small. I thought I'd hand it on to a friend with a miniature - but you guessed it - it was TOO SMALL FOR A 10HH MINI. I guess they must have measured a dog rather than a pony because I have never seen a pony whose face could fit in this thing. Durability would get a rating in the negatives from me. The pony has been wearing the muzzle for coming up 2 weeks now and she has completely chewed through the bottom - the hole is miles bigger so it doesn't really do anything anymore, and what's left of the rubber bottom is paper thin. I understand that horses eat aggressively, but I can't agree that 2 WEEKS is a reasonable length of time for ANY item of tack to last. Just pathetic. The velcro 'breakaway' strap is a nice idea, but I can't see how it could actually come off other than slipping over the pony's ears. It's also rubbed the pony's chin quite badly, despite checking the sizing very carefully, and some of the hardware on the cheeks is also rubbing.

Quality: The strapping is a lot thinner than a normal halter, and there are a lot more adjustable pieces. There aren't any buckles, they're all the slider things, which in a way is good but makes it a right pain to adjust on the horse. The muzzle part itself is made of rubber overlaid with nylon webbing, except for the bottom (no idea why, since the bottom gets the most wear), and there is padded anti-gall material on the noseband area (didn't stop it rubbing my pony though!). The headband is velcroed together rather than buckled, which I think is supposed to act as a breakaway but IRL is just a pain to do up.

Summary: Seems like the design team did the whole shebang without ever stepping out to the paddock to actually try one on a horse. Absolute waste of money. I'll be trying to take mine back, as the durability is absolutely dismal.

Rating: 1

Author: BlueAcorn

Date: 2012-03-10

Usefulness Rating: 1 out of 5.
2 reader(s) voted.

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