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Big Horn
Synthetic Suede Gaited Trail Saddle Model 606
Trail Saddles

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Manufacturer: Big Horn (View all products by Big Horn Saddlery)

Model: Synthetic Suede Gaited Trail Saddle Model 606 (View all Synthetic Suede Gaited Trail Saddle Model 606 reviews)

Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: I bought this saddle from for $399.00 because I had just bought a gaited horse and thought that this saddle would be a good fit since it had the gaited bars and I knew Big Horns were a popular brand. I bought synthetic because I am a larger rider and wanted to keep the weight down on my horse's back as much as possible.

Likes: Suede seat, helps keep the rider centered and the seat was padded, stirrups were easy to adjust.

Dislikes: Stirrups aren't made for short people, I am 5"5" and had to punch one more hole to make my stirrups closer to the right length. Any more holes would need to be put into the nylon that isn't leather reinforced. This saddle with its gaited bars did not fit my horse WHATSOEVER! Second ride on the trail with this saddle, my horse spooked and entire saddle slipped and I fell off, girth was tight, saddle just didn't fit him. The issue lies mostly in the wither area. The saddle rocked horribly on my horse as well. Suede is hard to keep clean as well.

Quality: Quality is decent and construction is good, haven't had any rips, tears or anything like that occur with the saddle that has been thrown around a little bit and my horse did shake it off his back before I could grab it off after a ride with no damage to the saddle whatsoever.

Summary: If you want this saddle for a mutton withered horse or a horse with a wide flat back, forget it, get a different one. Perhaps it will fit a higher withered horse better, however there is still a lot of rock to the bars, more than should be in my opinion. Can't pad the saddle up much or it really won't grip the horse. For the money you would spend on this saddle, there are other saddles out there likely to fit your horse... choose one of those.

Rating: 2

Author: Dee

Date: 2012-04-29

Usefulness Rating: 2.58333 out of 5.
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