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Manufacturer: Dixie Land Saddles
Model: Gaited horse saddles
Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: I feel so blessed for locating the only place on God's Green Earth that could actually fit my two Rocky Mountain Gaited horses. Dixie Land Saddles can do what I thought was almost impossible! For years I've we've owned and ridden gaited horses, ie: Tennessee Walkers and now the sweet natured Mountain Horses. Every saddle we used would never stay in place. We'd have to stop and tighten the girths which had to be uncomfortable for the horses! I tried every saddle I could find but they all slid off to one side. I was so fed up I just lived with the problem. Out of my frustration I went on the net to locate a company that could actually fit our horses to stop the sloppy fitting we've put up with over the years. I found Dixie Land Saddles and spoke with Cynthia. She told me they could fix our problem by sizing them with different forms to see what was needed for each horse. She sent several forms that we tried on them, she checked their photos and chose the correct form for each horse. So now they went into production & in 8 short weeks we received two (2) of the most beautiful western saddles! I was anxious to get them on each horse, and that was proof they knew what they were doing and they know horses! Rocky was wide through his whithers while Lakota was smaller. The forms did the trick! We saddled them up & took them out for their first trial run to see if we would be hanging on for life from all the bad experiences we had in the past. But the horses loved the fit of their new saddles and their matching bridles! Both horses never broke stride or acted out from discomfort. They loved the fit so we rode for hours and they still wanted to keep going! We want to thank Dixie Land Saddles for all their hard work and dedication they put into their craft. My horses would certainly thank them too if they could, but their calmness and beautiful smooth gait said it all. Now they stand by their gate waiting to see if they get to go out on the trails that day. In the past they would avoid it at all costs! What a turn around it was for us all! So thank you a million times over for helping us with the perfect fit! Our two (2) happy horses thank you also. Your a true craftsman when it comes to saddles and fitting the hard to fit horses. Those saddles are beautiful and so comfy it's a dream to ride them now when before it was all work and discomfort on all of us. Needless to say we can stay out on trails longer knowing our horses are good with it and what a thrill to know once we tacked them up not once did we have to check them for a loose girth. Happy horses and happy riders! God Bless you Cynthia for all the hours we spent working together on those forms. Your the best! God Bless from, The Trisel family

Likes: the costs and the fit was perfect!

Dislikes: I have to say there are NO problems all positive.

Quality: Beautifully designed and top quality leather.

Summary: I'd like to pass this along to anyone who has ever had a problem with bad fitting saddles, look up on the net to: Dixie Land won't be sorry!

Rating: 5

Author: Karen Trisel, EMT

Date: 2012-07-09

Usefulness Rating: 2.66667 out of 5.
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