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Frank Bell
Discover the horse you never knew and 7-step safety system

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Manufacturer: Frank Bell (View all products by Frank Bell)

Model: Discover the horse you never knew and 7-step safety system (View all Discover the horse you never knew and 7-step safety system reviews)

Category: Gifts/Books/Videos

Purchase: Two years ago I decided to follow my childhood dream of riding and owning horses. Through a strange twist of fate I became the owner of a 15 year old half Arabian horse named Czar. Czar had an interesting history. He had been ridden as an endurance horse for some years by his first owner. Word through the equine grape vine has it that they were a close knit pair. Well, Czar's owner passed away and he landed in the hands of a broker. From there he went to a farm near my home. His new owners didn't know much about horses and couldn't seem to connect with him. He ended up spending most of his time without any human companionship. What little attention he did get consisted of the owner's young son tossing the snap end of a lead rope at his face. Thus, by the time Czar got to me, he had major trust issues and was incredibly head shy. Through Frank Bell's video series, I was able to work through Czar's fear and trust issues. I now have the best, most sensitive horse I could ever ask for. Not bad for a novice! I found these videos on Frank's Dances with Horses web site. The whole kit with all the videos and the rope halter cost me around $400. Believe me, it was money VERY well spent.

Likes: The videos and book are set up sensibly and are very easy to follow. The rope halter is excellent quality. His system teaches you how to form a solid foundation with your horse and is based on mutual understanding and respect.

Dislikes: I can't find anything negative to say about this product. I think more people should try his natural approach with their horses.

Quality: Again, the videos are clear and easy to follow. They demonstrate his methods in a way that even an inexperienced person can replicate.

Summary: What more can I say. This book and series of videos allowed me to break through to my deeply troubled horse and helped us form a truly remarkable bond. It changed both of our lives for the better.

Rating: 5

Author: Jen C.

Date: 2005-08-21

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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