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Fly Mask with ears
Fly Control

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Manufacturer: Cashel
Model: Fly Mask with ears
Category: Fly Control

Purchase: I bought these in Tractor Supply for around $23 each.

Likes: The design is attractive, and I really like how the mesh around the eye is darted so it stays off and out of their eyes.

Dislikes: I am not really impressed with the sizing of these. I have 3 horses, a 15hh QH/Morgan, a 15.1 App, and a 16.1 Oldenburg. All of them have pretty average sized heads (the QH/Morgan has a larger head for her size, but not really much above average). In the Super Mask, I needed an Oversize for the Oldenburg, so I tried an oversize in this and it was ridiculously big, and so exchanged it for a horse size, which doesn't really fit her either. She is quite refined and I had to trim some of the velcro off the closure to get it tight enough so bugs couldn't get in, and yet the ears are way too small- it rubbed the hair right off the tips. The other two horses also have horse size fly masks and the ears on theirs are also way too small and the throatlatch too big. The ears need to be about an inch longer to prevent rubbing and the noseband area made narrower so the velcro closure will work.

Quality: At first, great, after a season, not impressed. My horses pretty much live outside in the summer and wear their masks when they are out. They all rubbed their faces all over the run-in shed and the masks are pretty much completely shredded. The QH and the App are also experts at removing theirs at will. I ended up throwing one of the masks away and putting an ancient Supermask II (no ears) on the QH and she can't seem to remove it like she can these.

Summary: Attractive, but the durability just isn't there, and their sizing needs a lot of work.

Rating: 2

Author: Laura

Date: 2012-09-07

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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