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J C Martin
Modified Association Roping saddle
Roping Saddles

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Manufacturer: J C Martin (View all products by JC Martin Saddlery)

Model: Modified Association Roping saddle (View all Modified Association Roping saddle reviews)

Category: Roping Saddles

Purchase: I bought two Wade saddles from him and both were good quality saddles for the price. However the two Modified Association saddles were of very poor quality. Built with very poor quality leather and one arriving after a five month wait completely unfinished and was so sub-standard in the grade of leather that it wouldn't even absorb 3 coats of oil and only turned grey. The other arrived with what he called a base coat finish (which was orange) that needed to be dyed. I applied a test spot with Fiebings black dye and it wouldn't even take that on that saddle. In addition his description said 12 to 140z skirting leather... Hardly... If 11oz leather was used to build these saddles it would be a generous description. When I put this saddle on a colt with a pretty high whither the flat plate rigging was so thin it stretched when you pulled tight and stretched more trying to ride it and keep it in the middle of the colt back. In addition to the obvious lack of quality in this saddle the ads he used on e bay pictured a saddle from another saddle maker and looked completely different from the ones that eventually came in. How he has managed to get away with this and still have numerous positive reviews is beyond me.. Perhaps most of the folks buying from him are not as concerned with their safety and the comfort of their horse as I am..

Likes: Not a fricken thing! I sent both back for a refund and now I see some other poor soul bought them at a reduced price on e bay.. Good luck with that..

Dislikes: Everything.. Leather, finish, fit, you name it. Not to mention the misleading ads and description with pictures that don't even belong to him or remotely look like the saddle he sells.

Quality: Very poor and for me at least would be a safety concern if you rode this saddle hard on a daily basis.

Summary: Like I said, I did buy two wade saddles that were much better quality. Perhaps these are being made by another maker that puts out a better product. But however he had build these things ought to be ashamed to let someone see it on a horse let alone ride it.

Rating: 1

Author: Smokie

Date: 2012-10-16

Usefulness Rating: 2.33333 out of 5.
9 reader(s) voted.

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