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Reactor Panel
All Purpose Saddles

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Manufacturer: VSD
Model: Reactor Panel
Category: All Purpose Saddles

Purchase: Information gathered through trial and research.

Likes: The concept of allowing more surface area for weight distrubution.

Dislikes: The reactor panel has been developed to give a larger weight bearing surface using panels, similar to the traditional western saddle panels. However, Unlike traditional western riding, where the horse is asked to either go on long distance rides, or competition riding, where the horse is asked to turn on the haunches and not perform lateral movements. Western horses are asked to work in a total different outline to english riding horses. I have to question whether this type of saddle will be of lasting benefit to horses asked to perform in a traditional english way of going. Through observations and training, I will argue that, by having the panel directly over the scapular results in restricted lateral movements, particularly with young horses in the beginings of their training. It ecourages the horse to drop through the shoulders resulting in the horse going on the forehand. In some cases, this causes the saddle to slip forward putting even more weight onto the shoulder and foreleg region. By riding different breeds in this saddle, I have felt far too much movement through this saddle, which suggests that, instead of it moving effortlessly over the shoulder blade, as recommended by the fitters, it is actually being pushed back and twisted by the action of the shoulder when performing lateral work. I have also found that in most cases,when standing straight, the panel sits nicely over the scapula and over the lumber area of the longisumus dorsi, but causes bridging across the spinalis and thoracic region of the longissimus dorsi. These are saddles that have recently been fitted by a qualified reactor panel fitter. I have heard a lot of good reviews from riders saying that their horses go really well in it when changing saddles, but could this be that it is just releiving an area of pressure that may have become sore from a previous illfitting saddle? In which case any saddle which is fitted properly will result in the horse going better.

Quality: Quality of leather is good but needs dressing quite often.

Summary: This review offers some areas of thought when trying out different saddles for your horse and is in no way trying to influence the buyer in their final decision when buying.

Rating: 1

Author: Ms. Dawn Tibble

Date: 2005-08-25

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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