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200TS Turnout Sheet

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Manufacturer: WeatherBeeta (View all products by WeatherBeeta)

Model: 200TS Turnout Sheet (View all 200TS Turnout Sheet reviews)

Category: Horsewear

Purchase: WELL, I first bought this model from Valley Vet supply, for around $100. My horse wore it three days, and it ripped nearly in half. (Where the shoulder/panel gusset is.) I returned it to them, and it turned out to be a defective sheet. (Obviously.) And they sent me a new one, when I ASKED for a refund. I sent the sheet back, (Fearing if that sheet was defective, maybe others in that batch were too.) I FINALLY got my refund, but I had to pay 10 bucks for the shipping back. SO that whole incident did cost me a little. I ordered the same model/brand from Stateline Tack for around $120.(After shipping etc.) That was around three years ago, and so far it hasn't ripped in half! LOL My boy is very rough on his turnout gear. SO I'm surprised it has lasted this long. ;)

Likes: Waterproof/Outershell wise IT IS SUPER! Hardly any rips, no leaks at all. Its good in that respect. But the inner lining is a WHOOOOLE different story!

Dislikes: Continuing from above, the inner shell is AWFUL! The mesh stains, and rips away from the blanket/nylon lining it is sewed too. Especially when you wash it. It rips SO easily that way too! (The spin action in the washer is what does it.) I have had to sew that entire lining back TWICE, and it STILL will rip. I think Weatherbeeta needs to improve on their stitching big time!

Quality: Overall, its alright, but be prepaired to do some MAJOR sewing. I joke with my mom I'm going to go play Betsy Ross,(The lady who sewed the first American flag.) whenever I have to sew it again.

Summary: I won't buy any WeatherBeeta sheets again. Everyone I know has had trouble with them. Even the TAKA's, two girls at my barn have them, and they LEAK! :0 Which is funny, because the turnout sheet I have doesn't. Now medium weights, and the heavy weights, I have had a pretty positive experience with. But the sheets have NOT been good. I suggest you go buy a Rambo/Rhino or Riders for a sheet. I give this a three for its outershell, but the inside I give it a 1.

Rating: 3

Author: kbnpc

Date: 2004-03-01

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
7 reader(s) voted.

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