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1680d Turnout Sheet

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Manufacturer: Pessoa (View all products by Pessoa)

Model: 1680d Turnout Sheet (View all 1680d Turnout Sheet reviews)

Category: Horsewear

Purchase: I have a very typical Dutch WB, broad chest, well muscled shoulder, deep heart-girth, round Dutch WB with a nice wither & high set neck. He is textbook, looks like he just got off the boat. But he is not an easy fit and I buy & sell a lot of blankets. In the past I have found that the Pessoa's, the Dover WB cut and Turtleneck were his choices. Not much else. I was down to one turnout sheet and I bought this sheet to have a spare. Paid $161 at English Habit. Seemed like a good choice, I have a had six or seven of the Pessoa Turnout blankets and up till now have always been happy with them. I have been switching back and forth between Pessoa Turnouts and Turtle Neck Turnouts for the past few years. At one time Pessoa was definitely the superior turnout but times change and this year I only bought the one Pessoa 1680D Sheet and I am grateful that I did not buy more.

Likes: It is extremely pretty on the horse the very first day when it initially comes out of the bag (before the horse is allowed to move).

Dislikes: Something about this turnout is lacking. They changed the binding, they changed the gussets, they changed the front velcro system, they changed the material (not just the denier). The old Pessoa's were wonderful but there is nothing in this blanket to remind you of that. The front closure is lower and the front of the blanket separates instead of staying closed across the chest, it literally rolls up & folds over in the front. The nice long strip of velcro from yesteryear is gone replaced by a short double velcro closure that does not work... which is odd since Turtleneck uses the same front double velcro system & it works beautifully on the Turtleneck. Once the velcro fails to hold everything in place, the neck rolls in on itself, the front splits open just enough to make the neck too wide & the neck falls behind the withers pulling tight across the shoulders. I've tried everything, I've tightened it, I've loosened it, I've moved the snap to different setting... the problem is the Velcro serves a purpose and when you cheapen out on something as inexpensive as Velcro, it backfires. The next problem is the shoulder gussets. Shoulder gussets should be just that, should gussets. The short, ten inch forward gussets have no purpose. They certainly do not provide expansion area for the shoulders but they do provide a nice place for other horses to place their teeth & when they play blanket tag. The first day my horse went out, the little plastic Pessoa monikers at the end of the gussets were ripped cleanly off and the gussets are now coming apart. The new binding is odd, at first I thought it was pretty but my horse has been wearing the sheet for almost a week now and the binding is basically unraveling everywhere. And that is the other thing, my guy has been wearing his sheet for not quite a week now and for some reason it looks like a postage stamp on him. It never stays in place, it barely covers his sides its just odd looking. The old Pessoa's fit him beautifully. This sheet feels more like a bikini then a blanket. And after wearing Turtlenecks for the last several months, I can honestly say my guy appears unhappy. The sheet binds, its not big enough, wide enough, deep enough (though it is long enough) and it just looks uncomfortable. There is also something odd about the material. It doesn't feel as strong as other 1680D turnouts I own, it does not repel dirt very well, I have no idea if its actually waterproof and it already has a few holes in it.

Quality: In my mind Pessoa changed everything in their better line of Turnouts and ruined them. I've had the Tundra, the Summit, every 1800 & 1600 D blanket they ever made. I even had a few Alpines way back when that I really liked and I can not imagine what they were thinking. There is no quality anywhere in this blanket, Pessoa has cheapened everything about this blanket. I don't even think they used heavy duty velcro. And they are using plastic trim on a blanket worn by a horse. Plastic, really? And just how much more could it cost to structure a shoulder gusset so that it lays on the shoulders? The binding reminds me of the type of material you might get on a pair of summer shorts. Very flimsy. I don't get it. The drop is shorter, again, it looks like a postage stamp. There is nothing good about this blanket. Pessoa needs to charge a few dollars more & put out a quality product. I was going to buy this sheet no matter the price. I buy the Turtlenecks, no matter the price. They fit my horse, they are comfortable, they are durable and they make him happy. Seriously, plastic!!!

Summary: Save your money. If you have a WB, Quarter horse, well built TB and you need a well cut blanket buy a different blanket. This blanket does have not a suitable design and it is not durable. I might recommend this blanket for a sickly, slight, thin boned type horse who doesn't move very much, goes out in private turnout and never rolls on the ground or rubs against a wall. I can't recommend this for a real horse. Plastic, seriously, plastic?

Rating: 1

Author: Susan B

Date: 2015-03-22

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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