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CWD 2G hunter jumper saddle
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Manufacturer: CWD (View all products by CWD)

Model: CWD 2G hunter jumper saddle (View all CWD 2G hunter jumper saddle reviews)

Category: Jumping Saddles

Purchase: I ordered this 2G as my horse needed the `best' as he has kissing spine, and is a high withered thoroughbred, and my trainer insisted on a CWD and he did seem to relax under the 2G. I paid $6500, which is what my horse cost! But,its a custom saddle, they guaranteed it would fit wonderfully and they would do changes for free if the horse needed it etc.. I bit the bullet and ordered one.

Likes: The CWD is the current fad in jumper saddles, and has features that are supposed to help keep the leg in the correct position, mold to the horses back etc. My trainer was pretty insistent that I must get a CWD.

Dislikes: There is so much bulk to this saddle, its almost like riding in a western saddle. I cannot feel my horse well. The 2g model makes it very difficult /impossible to safely adjust the girth while sitting on the horse. CWD has difficulty keeping their reps, Im on my 4th rep since I ordered the saddle initially. 2 and half years ago. What I don't like abut this custom saddle, is that it doesn't fit me or my horse, despite sending it back once for alterations, which then made it fit even worse. I couldnt even ride in it, as it pitched my body way forward. Then, had another fitter come, who said that the fitter made big mistakes and so she sent the saddle back for a completely different size. Now that saddle still pinches my horse at the shoulder, which was the original problem that required a custom saddle. :( ! Now, a different rep realizes we need another entirely different tree and size. I'm tired of this whole process, different incompetent fitters, and I just want my money back, but CWD refuse. Bertrand, With CWD, has not apologized, or recognized the problems. He won't refund, or even buy back my saddle at a loss! I offered to sell it back to them for $5500, when I paid $6500. He didnt even consider this. He suggests I sell this poor fitting saddle myself, saying I could sell it for $4500 probably! Thats a $2000 loss! Very Very poor customer service! I have emails to prove these discussions with CWD.

Quality: The quality is not what one would expect for a $6500 saddle. The Stirrup leather stitching tore after only a month or so. Several Knee roll stitches are off as well. The quality of the training of the saddle fitters is not great, or my saddle would have fit right away, or after one alteration. The customer service? Bertrand from France ignored my emails after saying I should just sell my saddle myself. Completely frustrating experience.

Summary: CWD quality is not up to par, not for a $6500 saddle!. Saddle reps were not competent, and they have changed every few months, at least in the Pacific NorthWest, and despite their 3 weeks training, they couldnt fit a horse and rider (simple high withered thoroughbred and regular size rider) CWD didnt acknowledge their responsibility for the problems and refused to refund the saddle, or even to buy back their own saddle for $1,000 loss for a dissatisfied customer. Granted they want to try another saddle, and `make it fit' but if it hasn't fit after three tries, and the stitches are coming out... who wants to try again? not me!

Rating: 1

Author: Frustrated Anne

Date: 2015-12-18

Usefulness Rating: 3.69767 out of 5.
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