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Manufacturer: Porta-Grazer (View all products by Porta-Grazer)

Model: XL PG 2 (View all XL PG 2 reviews)

Category: Horse Miscellaneous

Purchase: I purchased a couple of porta-grazers direct from and I love them. I live in Idaho and have used for over a year now and it has made my job easier and horses happier. I paid 259 each and worth the investment. I was tired of filling so many hay bags to slow them down and keep them eating.

Likes: They can eat all day and are not grumpy when I come to refill them. For a long time I used the small hole hay bags but still had a lot of work and wastage in an effort to slow down feeding time with one easy keeper who eats fast. These are well made and easy to use/refill, the horses picked it up fast. Sure helps with weight issues. I wish every horse owner could try them, they are worth the investment. I tie mine to post as I'm on a hill. The best part is I can go get my horses at any time to ride and not worry that they haven't eaten yet. I have their manure/sand tested and instead of worming needlessly, I haven't had to worm and they are clear of sand too.

Dislikes: So to nit pick I would say to Porta-Graze, to notch (in my case with a knife) the edge of the inner pan, that lines up to get pan out. To line up the hole in the dark you have to feel your way.

Quality: I think these are well made and easy. They have a nice heavy weigh to them, so far have not dented or cracked. They are tough and hold up to being tied to a post to keep from getting knocked over as I am on a slight hill. There isnt any way for the horse to cut themselves.

Summary: I get a lot of wind and the Porta-Grazer has saved on hay wastage that is dropped and blown away. They take smaller bites that they can eat and not have any drop from their mouths. Dust debris settles to bottom of barrel. I have calm happy horses that get to nibble all day and not eat any more hay then when feeding multiple times. I don't have to get up early to feed when I am going to ride. Worth the money, I'm getting one more. I have 2 for 2 horses, one more for winter when pulled off pasture will allow me to fill just once a day giving me more time for grooming and chores.

Rating: 5

Author: Maryann

Date: 2016-10-01

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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