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Corriente Saddle Co.
CSA 311A Association Ranch
Roping Saddles

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Manufacturer: Corriente Saddle Co. (View all products by Unknown)

Model: CSA 311A Association Ranch (View all n/a reviews)

Category: Roping Saddles

Purchase: spent several hours a month looking for my next saddle. I had a friend with a corrienete roper for sale and I liked the way it fit my horse. But I needed a all around saddle to rope, cutt, trail, flat work, and game in. I was reassured by the company it's self that this would be the saddle to do it all. Insert nervous giggle here... for the price I paid under $800 I bought the association ranch saddle model number CSA 311A

Likes: I liked the tooling. And the fqhb fit. The 7" gullet is big and leaves room to fit other horses.

Dislikes: I ordered this saddle with high expectations such as ordering a half and new saddle you would, just like all the great reviews I saw. Which made me order. Well first off, the color was not what I ordered, I got sent a wooden rawhide stirrup and on the right side I had a rawhide stirrup. Also I had a dye mark dripped onto my saddle size of a quarter. Why they didn't stop the saddle in production and start over is beyond me. The leather had cracks, which they claim to be the veins from the cow.. I sort of believe this, but I could fit a finger nail in these cracks. I do not believe this is the saddle I ordered. Not as pictured AT ALL. I order 15" fits more like a 14.. I tried a 15.5" roper that I swam In so I figured 15" would be a good bet. Nope. 15 fits smaller. The rigging I feels sets far to forward, can not find a sweet spot where it fits on the horses back.. My back cinch doesn't sit back far enough I feel and constantly getting my spurs stuck in it. The seat is HARD does not have a deep seat like I was reassured it would, the swells weren't high like I ordered for cutting. I was told by the company the fit would be great for my mutton withered horse. Just the fqhb works I have to use shims with the padding. Customer service was iffy and short answered . I'm just overall disappointed with this company and told there was nothing they could or would do for THEIR mistakes. Never ordering again.

Quality: Heavy saddle. seems like it can take some hard hits for some years to come.

Summary: Bottom line. Never ordering another after this awful experience when I fell in love with what I saw online and was not what I got in hand. They have no policies for when they screw up. I was hopping to leave a great review when I ordered the saddle. Just order carefully. Now I'm stuck with a saddle I hate and money out the window I had been saving and must sell and save again..

Rating: 1

Author: One disappointed buyer

Date: 2017-04-26

Usefulness Rating: 4.33333 out of 5.
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