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Horseman's Dream
AloeDine 600 Shampoo
Grooming Equipment

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Manufacturer: Horseman's Dream (View all products by Horseman's Dream)

Model: AloeDine 600 Shampoo (View all AloeDine 600 Shampoo reviews)

Category: Grooming Equipment

Purchase: I purchased a 32 fluid ounce bottle of AloeDine 600 from State Line Tack for $8.00 on clearance. My horse is extremely subject to rain rot year round, and I had currently run out of Providone/Iodine Solution that I use to cleanse his skin to keep the infections clear and controlled. This was on sale, and appeared to be less-harsh ((containing moisturizers and aloe)) so I gave it a go.

Likes: It works really well to maintain a clear skin and coat from bacterial and fungal infections in the horse's skin. I like that it suds up nicely and rinses out easily so you don't stand there forever rinsing out your horse's coat. It is gentler, and where as some Iodine shampoos with bleach the horse's coat, this one puts the moisture back in and helps to soothe the coat rather than be harsh on delicate skin. I like that it can be diluted into a wash as well rather than a straight shampoo.

Dislikes: When not on sale, it can be as much as $15 a bottle, and when used daily a 32 ounce bottle doesnt go very far, but it works so well I think it's worth it.

Quality: In a plain white bottle with navy blue writing and Horseman's Dream logo across the top. Available in 32 ounce ((large)) bottle or in a smaller bottle. Containes ((from label)): -Polaxamer Iodine ((equivelant to 5% Providone-Iodine)) and .5% titratable iodine and Allantoin to aid in bacterial and fungal infections. -Shampoo base with Aloe Vera

Summary: Probably the best medicated iodine shampoo I have used on my rainrot-prone horse. Will definatly keep buying!

Rating: 5

Author: Morgan Rowe

Date: 2005-09-18

Usefulness Rating: 2.8 out of 5.
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