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Manufacturer: Schneiders (View all products by Schneider's Saddlery)

Model: (View all StormShieldŽ Versatility Heavyweight Fitted Turnout reviews)

Category: Horsewear

Purchase: I ordered this from the Schneiders website,, for $110. I got it about a month ago, in November of 2005. I picked it for my pony mare who is prone to shoulder rubs. This blanket has several features that I thought might help to prevent rubbing.

Likes: It fits!!!!! My pony's Weatherbeeta Orican turnout sheet and her cotton day sheet gave her shoulder rubs if I didn't use a stretchy shoulder guard or liner beneath them. She has been wearing this blanket for almost a month now with no shoulder guard or liner and she does not have any rubs!!! It has a contoured shape with a back seam instead of the seamless design that many turnout blankets have. The seamless blankets can slip back and put tension on a horse's shoulders (as my pony's Orican does) but this blanket does not do that. This blanket also has well place shoulder gussets which actually do what they are supposed to do to allow the horse greater freedom of movement. It has a closed front, so there are no buckles at the chest to cause uneven tension. It also has an adjusta-fit neck so you can chance the size of the neck opening to best suit your horse. This is a very warm blanket, great for my fine coated pony and the cold winters we get here in Michigan. If you live in a milder climate stick with the midweight! The price was great! Very reasonable for a turnout blanket of this quality.

Dislikes: This blanket does not have a tail flap. I really wish it did, I can't imagine it is pleasant to have a cool breeze on your rear. The waterproofing is good, but not great. After several hours in a snow storm it was leaking a little bit in a few places. My other mare's Rider's International still was not leaking at all, and she has worn it for 5 winters! There is no color choice, this blanket comes only in black, as do the equivalent midweight and lightweight turnouts. I would like to be able to get them in different colors so that it is easier to grab the right one from the blanket bar at a glance.

Quality: The waterproofing is good and this is a sturdy blanket, no rips, tear, or punctures so far. It has rings so that a neck cover or hood can be easily attached, and Schneiders makes neck cover and hoods to match. The blanket fastens with bias surgicles and elastic leg straps. It stays in position, I have not yet seen it slide too far to one side. I would say that the quality is high, especially for the price. The quality is comparable to some other much pricier turnout blankets (Rambos and Weatherbeeta Oricans and Arions).

Summary: I really like this blanket. Even though I have a few minor complaints I think that this was a great purchase. I am so excited to find a blanket that fits my pony and does not cause shoulder rubs! Again, the price was excellent for a blanket of this quality. I plan on getting the equivalent midweight blanket and turnout sheet for warmer weather.

Rating: 4

Author: Katie

Date: 2005-12-22

Usefulness Rating: 2.3 out of 5.
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