Nunn Finer (Bit of Britain)
No-Slip Pad
English Saddle Fittings/Pads

Manufacturer: Nunn Finer (Bit of Britain)
Model: No-Slip Pad
Category: English Saddle Fittings/Pads

Purchase: My part-draft mare's topline is as flat as a pancake. Trying to keep an English saddle in place has been next to impossible. Forget ever ground-mounting. Heck, even hacks over uneven ground sent my saddle precariously tilting from side to side, forward and back. I tried a chamois for awhile, but on long rides the chamois would dry out and I'd be slipping all over the place again, just when my mare and I were getting tired and more prone to stumbling and unbalances. I came across the No-Slip Pad made by Nunn Finer, and although skeptical, I decided to try it once winter set in and playing with wet chamois was just no fun anymore. I paid $24 plus ~$7 shipping from Bit of Britain mail-order. I thought only Bit of Britain sold these pads so I didn't even check elsewhere; now I see them seemingly everywhere for less than I paid via mail-order. Even my local tack store has them.

Likes: IT WORKS !!!!!!!! Fatty's saddle hasn't dared to budge since the day this no-slip pad went on her back. The pad is thin, neat, unobtrusive, comfortable for the horse (as far as I can tell), and easy to clean (spray with hose or machine wash). More than anything else, IT WORKS !!!!!!! It definitely keeps the saddle in place. Trust me, I used to have to ride with a breastcollar and crupper and even then I'd swim on my mare's back, holding my breath during gallops and over jumps.

Dislikes: So far, I have no real dislikes. I have been riding with the No-Slip Pad for a few weeks and it has really helped my saddle slipping issues. When I ride with my half-pads, though, the back part of the no-slip pad does stick out from under the half-pad, so if I decide to show in only my half-pad, I'll have to trim the No-Slip pad a bit to hide it. That would be the only thing I would possibly change about it. A merely cosmetic issue, for my vanity's sake.

Quality: Well made, seems to be holding up well, I have washed it in the machine already and it washed fine. I feel it was a good deal for the ~$30 I paid for it, and would be an even greater deal for $22 at my local tack store, if I'd known to look there!

Summary: A+ product. I was skeptical that this pad would work, but it really keeps my saddle in place. I only wish I'd bought it sooner. Poor mare, I was unaware that I was making her girth so tight trying to keep me saddle in place prior to the No-Slip pad; I have experimented now having the No-Slip and I can ride with my girth two holes looser without any major slippage. No more grumpy, nippy mare when girthing my saddle! Thank you, No-Slip Pad!

Rating: 5

Author: TwinOats in NY, mom of PMU rescue, "Pinky"

Date: 2005-12-30

Usefulness Rating: 2.8 out of 5.
5 reader(s) voted.

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