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Schneider's Saddlery
Overhead Lunge Strap
Training Equipment

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Manufacturer: Schneider's Saddlery
Model: Overhead Lunge Strap
Category: Training Equipment

Purchase: I bought this from Schneider's Saddlery online at Item is on sale right now for $7.95.

Likes: This simple thing really does make lunging your horse SO much easier with a bridle on! Nicely constructed from soft cotton webbing with high quality, solid brass fittings. Instead of having to take the lunge line off to change direction, you just unsnap on one side and move the ring. MUCH easier and the horse is always under control.

Dislikes: Only that it's so simple I wish I could have made it myself!

Quality: Strong cotton web strap snaps to "off-side" bit ring, goes over the poll and passes through "near-side" bit ring. Snap your lunge line to the ring attachment. Provides more control, helps teach horse not to pull on the handler. Eliminates the need of a chain when lunging as the horse learns better manners.

Summary: To properly school your horse on the lunge line with either saddle or surcingle and bridle, this simple piece of equipment makes it easy to change direction and is worth the small price for the convenience it gives you.

Rating: 5

Author: Brigitte

Date: 2006-02-23

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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