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Happy Mouth
Pessoa 3 Ring Snaffle Bit
English Bridle Accessories

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Manufacturer: Happy Mouth (View all products by Happy Mouth)

Model: Pessoa 3 Ring Snaffle Bit (View all Pessoa 3 Ring Snaffle Bit reviews)

Category: English Bridle Accessories

Purchase: Purchased from Prospect Horse & Rider for $39.99. My trainer had suggested this stronger bit for my horse to use during jumping, in the Happy Mouth version, in hopes that my horse ((who has a bit of a hard mouth)) would accept the bit easier.

Likes: I really like how my horse goes in this bit. He likes the apple flavour, and it clearly shows as he now "mouths" the bit a little more and accepts it well. Whereas my horse would normally take quite some encouragement to accept the bit when jumping (he would rather run and spring over the jumps than take it slow and steady!), he was instantly, within the first day, accepting this new bit and going like a true Hunter! I was so pleased! He even was ready to accept the bit when bridling - I didn't have to pry his clamped jaws, so I was pleased from the get-go! The bit is sturdy for having a plastic mouthpiece (note: the core of the bit is stainless steel) and I get all of the appropriate action (elevation) and strength (like a mild gag or strong curb action) from the bit that is needed, with the exception of my horse resiting it. It's a great bit. The price is not too high, but it is more than the average stainless steel bit - worth it for the acceptance of the bridle I get from horse. Happy horses truly do come from a horse riding in a happy mouth bit!

Dislikes: The bit, having the mouthpiece made of the strong plastic, generally will not last as long as Stainless Steel.

Quality: Stainless steel single-jointed snaffle in the Pessoa/3-ring Elevator version. Strong, stainless steel core coated in the high-technology, apple-flavoured plastic. Comes in a nice package (bit protected by foam! how nice!) and a complete set of information/instructions. Depending on which bit you purchase (WIDE variety available - not just your ordinary snaffles, single & double jointed versions, 2 different types of mullen mouths, and even peanut-centered versions) the price may range from around $25-$70.

Summary: Wonderful, wonderful bit. I finally found a bit that my horse likes, and a bit that provides me with enough control (without discomforting my horse, of course!). Happy horses truly do come from Happy Mouths!

Rating: 5

Author: Morgan

Date: 2006-04-05

Usefulness Rating: 2.91667 out of 5.
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