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Big Horn Barrel Saddle
601 MW Tree 16" Seat/Black
Barrel Saddles

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Manufacturer: Big Horn Barrel Saddle (View all products by Big Horn Saddlery)

Model: 601 MW Tree 16" Seat/Black (View all 601 MW Tree 16\" Seat/Black reviews)

Category: Barrel Saddles

Purchase: Local tack shop, marked down to $290. But Country Supply has them as well, listed for $245 for the Med. Mine is a MW Ralide Tee. I also bought a pair of larger stirrups, saddle pads, one Tucker one Abetta as a spare. Breast collar by Professional choice and girth , the ones that have the peel and wash backing on them. Check on line via Shopzilla, Bizrate or shopz for lowest price on these items. Most tack shops have a high markup on extras. Sibl WI

Likes: I bought this saddle for trail/endurance, minimal weight (15lb) and durable, low maintenance being the main goal. I have a hard to fit 15.3, Mustang/Appy Gelding that sits between a Med-Qh bar saddle. Having not to much wither and a short back it fit him wonderful. Matched up with a Professional Choice Breast collar/girth and back cinch. The pad I used is make for endurance saddles by tucker..and a second is a Abetta pad. All fits together like magic. Bridle I found a Paso Fino Sythetic Biothane. I do 25 mile min endurance events, team pen and trail ride min 5 days a week. I find no soreness of lack of durability in this saddle at all. I love it.I also have a Endurance Abetta for my other Mustang/QH 15h cross that is going strong as well. I do like this one better due to the sueded seat, keeps you seated better and does not look as cheap.

Dislikes: Sythetic skirt will fade in sun in time, stirrups are a dangerous sm size, I had to buy a larger set to allow for a larger opening for foot (I wear 7.5 ariat boots) and also wanted more of a wider surface on bottom of my ball of my foot. Makes for more comfort in the miles. I would also have liked larger rings for the breast collar and a few more for trail cantle bag. But this is a barrel saddle so lack of extra rings is understandable. Also the back cinch hole is not re-enforced and is flimsy in the skirt. Felt is minimal, therefor had to take care to pick a good pad to compensate. Breast collar rings will give out with excessive strain other than trail. Am surprised that they are not better considering the strain barrel racers put on this part of their saddles.

Quality: Quality is great, seat will wear quickly but I use a sheepskin seat saver in cold weather days so mine will last longer. if One uses breeches that will help, but if jeans, the suede seat will wear quickly. I have seen some at events and the suede does wear out quickly if seams on undergarment is worn. Also fenders will curl and fad from sun, use is good , looks do fade. Since the D rings are stainless they should hold up well.

Summary: Good use and abuse type saddle. I bought mainly for training and those soaked in the rain rides that last for hours. This saddle can be dried with a towel and further dried in a warm room/RV. Unlike my Orthoflex that takes a day to dry the leather out once soaked. Also fellow riders have mentioned that a coat of Teflon spray like that used on sofas works great on the fade and water repellents on the fenders and skirt. I spray mine heavy and it takes a good long time to get soaked through.

Rating: 4

Author: Sibl

Date: 2006-04-29

Usefulness Rating: 3.15385 out of 5.
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