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Herm Sprenger
KL Bit
English Bridle Acc

For Sale on eBay

Manufacturer: Herm Sprenger
Model: KL Bit
Category: English Bridle Acc

Purchase: I bought this item thru ebay at a total cost of about $130 CAN. In Canada, these bits retail for $200CAN and up and they are hard to find.

Likes: As with most of the Sprenger bits, I like the aurigan metal. The horses seem to like the flavour. Also as usual with all the Sprenger bits the manufacturing is excellent. All the pieces of the bit fit together nicely and they are all smooth. Good craftsmanship. I like the center piece being rotated 45 degrees too. The horses seem to like it on their tongues.

Dislikes: The whole purpose of the bit and the feature that makes it different from the KK Ultra bit is the metal roller in the center part. It is supposed to encourage the horse to hold the bit in his mouth therefore softening the topline and helping connection. I have a "mouth and chewing obsessed" horse, and i thought this bit would be perfect for him. However, he doesn't want to hold this bit or push into it and i think its because of the metal roller because he loves the KK Ultra bit. I guess that metal roller feels funny to him. Have only tried it on one horse though, so maybe your horse will like it!

Quality: FANTASTIC. Excellent workmanship.

Summary: I think i got sucked into a gimmick. Maybe this bit will work better for you.

Rating: 3

Author: Canadian Dressage Rider

Date: 2006-05-18

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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