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Pro Laboratories
Lyte Now electrolyte paste
Horse Health and Well Being

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Manufacturer: Pro Laboratories (View all products by Pro Laboratories)

Model: Lyte Now electrolyte paste (View all Lyte Now electrolyte paste reviews)

Category: Horse Health and Well Being

Purchase: I buy Lyte Now from a variety of places, including Valley Vet Supply, American Livestock, and State Line Tack, depending on price. I buy the 80cc (3 dose) tubes and pay about $10, plus or minus. I ride, frequently, multi-day rides where I am on the trail for up to 8 to 10 hours. Often it is warm, and my mare is a heavy appendix horse, and can get a bit on the nervous side if something is bothering her (like a mule, for example). I NEVER go out without Lyte Now electrolyte paste in my saddle bags, and I paste her in the morning before I leave, and again in the afternoon when I return.

Likes: This is the only product I have found that claims to act within 2 or 3 minutes, and sometimes you don't have the luxury of a lot of time. It is an all natural product, and the paste form makes it ideal for dosing, especially on the trail. The triple dose tube provides you with plenty of "extra" in case your horse develops an electrolyte imbalance and becomes distressed on the trail, as mine did once...after the episode described below, I talked with Dr. Leonard Cohen, the owner of the manufacturing company. In the situation I had, he recommended that I should have given her the entire triple dose of paste. I had one scary circumstance where my horse came close to tying up on the trail. We saddled up in the dark, and I neglected to paste her that morning; she was having small muscle twitches in her thigh but the ride medic thought she would walk it out, so we took off. It was a very warm day, lots of hill climbing, and she hadn't been drinking well as the other animals around the water tank at breaks made her nervous. I could see her getting more and more wound up by late morning, and she kept trying to hurry the pace, I think so she could get home sooner. At lunch, she dove into the water and grass, but had already started muscle spasms in her shoulder; then she tried to go down. I gave her banamine and ace, and these relaxed her muscles, but clearly she was still in distress...nothing made her feel better until I dosed her with the Lyte Now electrolyte paste. The effect was almost immediate. I will NEVER go out without it again. P.S. The next day, I hauled her to my vet, who ran blood of her muscle enzymes was elevated, but not both...she had not tyed up, but did have an electrolyte imbalance, even a day later, after dosing her with electrolytes. I feel I would have had a much more serious problem, had I not had the Lyte Now fast acting paste. I have since talked to several endurance riders; they also prefer this product over others.

Dislikes: I wish it was less expensive, but the cost is minimal considering the value of my horse.

Quality: It is sold in a single dose tube and a triple dose tube. Very easy to measure and use.

Summary: I won't even go out on a short ride (2 or 3 hours) without it. I've put Lyte Now electrolyte paste to the test, it passed with flying colors, so I wouldn't even consider buying another product, barring emergencies where Lyte Now was not available, of course.

Rating: 5

Author: Linda

Date: 2004-05-31

Usefulness Rating: 2.53846 out of 5.
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