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Purchase: I had been shopping on Ebay for a treeless saddle after reading reviews that the treeless design was ideal for round horses. My rotund quarter horse was beginning to look like a barrel on four sticks. He had outgrown my old trusty Hereford Western Saddle and looked a bit weird in my old English get-up because he's the foundation type. Anyway, I was tired of fighting to keep a saddle in place. It kept turning, no matter how well cinched or how many pads or blankets I used. So, I purchased a Hilason Treeless on Ebay with the understanding that I could exchange it if it didn't fit. It cost $298.00 plus about $40 for shipping and handling.

Likes: What caused me to purchase it in the first place was the belief that it would fit just about any horse and stay in place. That turned out not to be true. So, the only thing I ended up liking at all was the looks and weight of the saddle, although it weighed more than it was supposed to weigh.

Dislikes: The English billet straps are positioned so low on the skirt, I had to borrow a pony girth just to try it on my fat horse. I could not find an English girth short enough in our area. Plus, I was told I could return it in three days if I didn't like it. When I attempted to mount my horse, the saddle turned even though I was standing on an upping block. I cinched the girth so tight, my poor horse was standing spraddle-legged, yet the saddle still turned.

Quality: Basically, the unit is a bareback pad constructed of rough leather lined with fleece with a pommel and cantle mounted on top in zippered smooth glove leather. It has rings attached and comes with Western fenders and stirrups and an alternate set of English leathers. The English billet straps were further apart on one side than they were on the other. It looked like they sighted the placement rather than measured the spot.

Summary: As an older rider, I find that I cannot swing a heavy saddle onto my horse as I used to be able to do. I need a lightweight saddle that will stay on the horse while I mount. I am prepared for a saddle to turn a bit, because I can no longer spring or leap onto it, but the Hilason is definitely not what it is purported to be. Also, the seller refused to take the saddle back and now I am stuck with it.

Rating: 1

Author: Sarah

Date: 2006-07-06

Usefulness Rating: 3.54839 out of 5.
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